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How To Install Anti-Virus Software And Anti-Spyware Software In Windows

Steps to installing antivirus software in your pc

With the advancement in technology, the pc is becoming a very big part of our everyday living. Today so much depends on computers. A lifetime’s work can all perish if the computer is not well protected. Virus are malicious programs that can cause improper functioning of your pc and windows programs, loss of data or even complete crash of your system. 

Step 1

Spyware is an intelligent program that spies on your computer.  This program is known to cause changes in setting and windows results and slow networks.  An anti-spyware/virus just as the name suggests will prevent and remove these malicious programs and windows in the process is protected.

Step 2

Acquiring the antivirus software

First before starting the installation process of an antivirus or antispyware software.  This software can be acquired two different ways. Download from the internet, either freely by visiting an antivirus website and choosing limited functionality, or pay a upgrade fee and get maximum protection. 

Step 3

Another option is to simply head to your computer retail shops and purchase the antivirus or antispyware installation DVD/CD. In windows the process of downloading the software is easy.  There are commands that simply need to be followed.

Step 4


Once you have the antivirus software and windows running it is always better to prepare the computer for the installation process. You can prepare by it by making sure there is no current running antivirus or anti spy ware software.  If you find that there is already an expired antispyware ware or antivirus software or just the one you fell it not effective enough for you, before installing your new desired antivirus or antispyware software you will need to remove the current protection first.  Windows makes removing this software very easy.

Step 5

You will need to follow this process. Open the Start menu> select control panel>select add or remove>scroll up or down looking for the name of the software you want to get rid of>click on it> depending on the antivirus or antispyware software the option remove or repair will appear>choose remove>you will be prompted if your sure>click yes. The process will take its cause and once it’s done you might be required to restart the windows. However if you computer did have any initial antivirus or antispyware software. And windows defence exempted because it is an inbuilt defence system in windows.

Installation process

Once you have acquired your installation CD or downloaded the installation software, for the cd installation you will just need to insert it into the DVD ROM and windows will produce the auto play screen, you will need to just follow the commands choosing your preference.

You don’t have to wait for the auto play to pop so that you begin the installation process. if it does not simply go to start menu>my computer>click on the DVD rom. That should initiate the process. You will just need to go with you preferred preferences and windows will guide you through the process. For the different antivirus software’s and the time taken varies, it depends on the pc performance and the size of the antispyware or antivirus software. Once the process is done there would a prompted to restart the computer, its best to just restart and windows will initiate the protection.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/20/2012
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How To Install Anti-Virus Software And Anti-Spyware Software In Windows. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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