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Asthma and allergy are known to be one of the most common diseases found in the human body. Asthma is a continual disease or a lung disorder. Medically speaking, it causes the airways of the lungs to inflame or swell, leading to shortness of breath, tight chest, and pain. This causes uncomfortable breathing resulting in coughing and wheezing. Allergy, on the other hand is related with hypersensitivity of a human body. It is a recognized disorder of the immune system which causes the human body to react to external stimuli in the surroundings.

Both conditions can be related with each other as during recent research it has been found that in extreme cases substances which cause allergies can also cause or encourage asthma. Medical institutions around the world have conducted researches and clinical trials which have helped to further investigate asthma and allergy. Different treatments have been found and products discovered to help patients get relief from it. With asthma the main problem is the swelling of the airways. So for treatment major focus is on controlling this swelling which causes the basic breathing problems. As far as the allergies are concerned, certain drugs have been produced to control the activation of the allergic cells.


However, besides the usual medical treatments, special products have been designed to provide relief from asthma and allergy. These products are basically for patients with specific types of allergies and asthma which make their everyday life much easier.

Relief products for asthma and allergy aim to help the patients clean their surroundings. Such products are used to provide a much cleaner atmosphere for the patient to breathe in, without inhaling substances which trigger their allergies. These products include face masks (for extreme cases), air nebulizers, canister or bag less vacuum cleaners, dust or mite free bedding items.

All these products target to minimize the dust control in the environment or the surrounding of the patient. While cleaning the dust bags in the regular vacuum cleaners, a lot of dust mites leak through and result in an infected atmosphere for someone with asthma or an allergy triggered by a dust mite. Air conditioning for decades, is one of the most common relief products which is used everywhere in the world to purify the breathing atmosphere. Certain electronic companies are widely known for providing a better breathing atmosphere for patients.

Tips and comments

When choosing the right relief products for asthma and allergy, the patients are strictly advised to consult with their family doctors first. Both conditions have separate drugs designed for them which will work with separate relief products to a certain extent. It depends on the specific situation of the patient which determines what medication, treatment or product is precise.

Patients with extreme allergies and asthma conditions are prescribed with intensive treatment and vice versa patients with less extreme cases are advised to use less intensive treatments to control the symptoms. Same goes for the relief products. The patients must make sure that the products they are using do reciprocate to their specific conditions, in regard of their allergies and asthma. Patients who are highly allergic to dust mites should make a much more regular use of air conditioners and air nebulizers in their daily life.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/07/2012
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