Cancer Survival Rate
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Cancer Survival Rate

Published at 03/10/2012 20:54:37

How Important Is the Survival Rate

Cancer Survival Rate

There are many types of cancer. Most cancer types are very serious and have caused a lot of deaths with its victims. One of the most common and also the most dreaded cancer is that which happens mostly in women. Breast cancer is one that has affected mostly women and the numbers are increasing showing how many women are diagnosed with it each year.

Treating breast cancer could use the help of knowing the cancer survival rate of this type. This survival rate may not be as indicative of cure but it can be very essential in figuring out what to do.

The Five-Year Survival Rate

Cancer Survival Rate

The percentage of 86% is the five-year survival rate of women who are suffering from breast cancer. This means that those who are diagnose might get to live up to five years after the diagnosis is given. But since some cancer cases are discovered in its early stages, it means that the survival rate given might still extend a little longer. This also means that the survival rate will be shortened if the cancer was discovered in its late stages.

These survival rates should not be considered as conclusive of what the future has for you. A lot of things can still change for the better or for the worse. These rates are just there to tell you how other have fared with the disease and how treatments will be beneficial to the cancer.

Survival Rates of Each Stages

Cancer Survival Rate

Like other cancer cases, breast cancer also has its cancer survival rate. The stages of breast cancer start with Stage 0 until it reaches its 4th stage which considered a terminal stage. As the cancer progresses, the cancer survival rate also diminishes and treatments can also vary.

Those who are diagnosed with breast cancer in the Stages 0 and 1, the survival rates are still at almost 100%. But once the cancer jumps up to Stage 2, the survival rate goes down to 92% or down to 81% for some. Things will start not to look good for patients who would reach Stage 3 where the survival rate will only be 67%.

The final cancer survival rate of breast in cancer is 20% once it hits the Final Stage of cancer. But because of the advancement of technology and medicine, things are looking good for breast cancer patients. The survival rates of breast cancer are slowly going up the past years. Thanks to the researches and studies made for this cancer, medical treatments and methods have substantially improved and have save lives of breast cancer patients.

Be Positive About Getting Cured

Survival rates should not be considered as a limitation but rather a means to prepare for what needs to be done. Doctors are seeing these survival rates as a tool which helps them come up with a treatment plan within that time frame.

This should not be considered by the patient as the time to lose hope. Patients have shown better progress when they are put down by the cancer survival rate. Being positive about your chances of recovery will make it more attainable.


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