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What Are Some Signs That You May Have Cancer

Published at 02/17/2012 04:39:18

Prevent Cancer First

It is always believed that prevention is better than cure. This cliché is not to be neglected especially if the disease we are talking about is cancer. Cancer can strike us in different forms. Although there are many types of treatments for particular cancers nowadays, not having any of those cancers is still much preferred.

People can address the problem which is cancer with many different treatments. Treatments that are most common now are chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery that removes the cancer cells, and many other treatments that have results of thorough researches and studies about cancer cells. Even with the availability of these treatments, you can even add those medications that are aimed to treat cancer, it is still not easy to undergo these treatments. Cancer treatment is still considered a challenge in the medical field. That is probably the reason why even doctors would recommend that you have yourself checked if you have a family history of cancer. You also need to watch out for any symptoms and signs of cancer that might develop in your body.

Symptoms That Show Cancer

What Are Some Signs That You May Have Cancer

Finding out about signs of cancer in its early stage is very important for treatments to work. Which is why, people who are at high risks of acquiring cancer, especially those who already have a family history, should make it a point to have a regular check up. If cancer can’t be prevented, it is crucial to find out about it in its early stage to treat it immediately.

There are symptoms that can help you figure out if you already have some type of cancer. These symptoms or signs may not be conclusive of cancer but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

General signs of cancer include any changes in your bowel habits. Then another one is when you have some cuts or sores in your body that seem not to heal even with medications. If you can find any bleeding or unusual discharge in your body that can also be a sign that cancer is in you.

Some cancers may also show some lumps or thickening of some portion of your body. Difficulties in swallowing can also be a sign.

Any nagging cough or hoarseness can also be another symptom of cancer. You can also add in your list of symptoms any obvious changes in your mole or warts.

Lung Cancer is One Tough Cancer

What Are Some Signs That You May Have Cancer

One of the most common types of cancer is that which involves the lung. Men and women can be victims of lung cancer. This is one of the common causes of death with cancer. This cancer is tricky to detect at its early stage since it doesn’t appear right away.

Best approach for lung cancer is regular check up if there is already history in the family.

Be Always Aware of Cancer Threats

There are many cancer types to watch out for. Each of them can post threats in our lives.

Most of these cancers would manifest some signs and symptoms. But there are still those that will not give you a hint that it is already in you.


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