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the Most Common Symptoms Of Cancer

Cancer: Silent Killer

Aside from heart diseases, cancer has been dreaded and tagged as one of the most common causes of death in people today. It is not a surprise that on hearing the word cancer, what people would associate it with is death. This is because of the severity of the disease itself and the chances of survival that people have when with it. Even with the advancement of technology in the field of medicine, there are still some cases of cancer that are not curable. Treatments for different types of cancer are becoming very helpful and efficient though. But still, there is much to know about cancer so a cure will be discovered. Cancer happens when there is an abnormal growth and division of cells. This can happen due to different factors in our environment. The tricky and deadly part of this disease is on how these cancer cells can just grow rapidly and spread to different parts of the body. This is what deteriorates the chances of survival as the stages of cancer rises.

Cancer Symptoms In Early Stages

Symptoms have always been an important part when it comes to solving a problem or curing a disease. Cancer cases also can be detected or sensed sooner so medical attention and be given right away in its early stages. Even if there are different types of cancer, it is still believed that the symptoms are still common and indicative of the disease regardless of its type. Although those obvious symptoms of cancer can only be observed or experienced in the later stage of the disease wherein the cancer cells by then have already fully developed. There are still some symptoms that are observed early on. Some symptoms that are common among people who are to have cancer are fever and extreme feeling of being tired. People can also observe some weight loss which is unexplainable. They also say that one can notice some changes in the skin when they have cancer. One may feel itchy and the color of skin would become darker or yellowish.

More On Symptoms

On the later stage of cancer, the symptoms are already serious and too obvious not to notice. People would feel excruciating pain on the part of the body where the cancer cells are. Especially in people who have lung cancer, there will be an obvious nagging cough or hoarseness that will be noticeable. Some people, during their later stages of cancer, will also grow some lump or there is the thickening of the breast or those affected parts of the body.

Stop Cancer Early

Years ago, cancer was deadlier and almost impossible to cure. Aside from the advanced treatments, there are also cures for certain cancers now. But it is observed that those who got cured of cancer were mostly those who found out about it on its early stages. Which is why, it is crucial that people are able to determine or find cancer on its early stage so medicines and treatments can still do their magic on you and stop those cancer cells from developing.

By Greggy Rick Go, published at 02/13/2012
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