What You Need To Know About Eye Surgery Corrective
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What You Need To Know About Eye Surgery Corrective

Published at 03/29/2012 14:44:48

Corrective Eye Surgery

What You Need To Know About Eye Surgery Corrective

As people grow old, body functions and other faculties are expected to gradually lose its quality. Tissues are worn out, organs are failing, and senses become defective. These things are just some of those that age can bring about as life progresses. Some of these bodily functions are just realities that people just have to accept as a part of life. But there are some that people would always want to remedy or fix. One of these inconveniences is vision.

You can’t blame some people who just want their perfect vision back as they grow old. There are also some who are already experiencing a diminishing of their vision at such early age and just wants to have an eye surgery corrective. Without the aid of glasses or contact lenses, people can achieve perfect vision after going through this corrective eye surgery. This result can be expected depending if the person is suitable for the procedure itself.

Complications During The Surgery

What You Need To Know About Eye Surgery Corrective

People who are considering eye surgery corrective must not jump right into it without first doing some research on aspects about the procedure. Since this is still surgery, there might be some complications. The complications may vary from mild to serious cases that can happen during or after the operation.

During the operation, several complications might come about as microkeratome is employed to create a corneal flap. It might be a rare case but there has been some reported perforation of the eye. There are also other complications that may happen because of microkeratome. Flap problems can occur other than perforated it can also be thin, irregular or free flaps. Some cases also show some tiny particles may be driven underneath the flap which can result to floaters in your vision.

Aside from these possible problems, there is also a chance that complications would happen because of the use of the laser itself. Since this eye surgery corrective would have to use laser during the operation, it is possible that irregular astigmatism and decentration might happen. However, these cases are becoming rarer as technology advances.

Complications After The Surgery

What You Need To Know About Eye Surgery Corrective

But even after the corrective eye surgery complications may still happen. Some people who have gone through this surgery have experienced a decrease of their best-corrected vision than the vision they had before the surgery. Complications like this are often caused by the irregular removal of the eye tissue. Even if problems like seeing halos, glare, starbursts and having a double vision may diminish as time passes, still these complications can be very inconvenient.

There are also complications that are related to the flap. Dislocation of the flap may occur to the patient after a couple of days from the operation. Patients usually would get this complication when their eyes are rubbed because they didn’t use an eyes shield to protect their eyes.

Is This What You Really Need?

Before you have your vision fixed and decide to have an eye surgery corrective, always look at the different aspects that come with the procedure. You have to consult your eye doctor to determine if an eye surgery corrective can help you with your eye impairment.


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