What Are the Common Symptoms Of Cancer?
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What Are the Common Symptoms Of Cancer?

Published at 02/17/2012 23:33:03

Fatal as it is inside a person’s body

What Are the Common Symptoms Of Cancer?

People are afraid of diseases especial those which are fatal such as Cancer. Cancer is a type of disease that is caused by complication from other diseases like malignant and tumor that leads to cancer. Cancer is one of the fatal diseases which are very hard to discover and locate. Since, it starts with other diseases and grows deeper inside the body; doctors use an advance technology or test to screen and assess what kind of cancer and what stage the cancer is.

As many as the parts of the body

What Are the Common Symptoms Of Cancer?

Cancer is said to have different starting points, depends on the type of cancer diagnosed, and also, different symptoms to show or in effect to the person's body. Here are some types of cancer that is common, yet, unknown to carry until diagnosed.

  1. Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer and Prostate Cancer. These are the most common cancer disease that doctors often treat. Since it is found in the middle area of the body, it's common symptoms are inflation of a mump in the breast, blood spots both in the urine and stool, pain in the affected area and loss of appetite or weight loss.
  2. Hodgkin’s Disease, Leukemia and Multiple Myeloma are cancer in the blood. It usually starts as Anemia and other symptoms such as bone pain and infections.
  3. Liver Cancer, Anal cancer and Stomach Cancer are examples of Digestive System Cancer. This type of cancer affects all the parts of the digestive system from starting point to complications such as Liver cancer that in the long run might cause complication to Pancreas and become Pancreas Cancer.
  4. Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer is a disease known to women. Most women experience this kind of disease after giving birth or when a woman is single and in the menopausal period. Symptoms are mostly swelling and bloating or a lump in the said body part.
  5. Brain Tumor, Bone Tumor and Soft Tissue Tumors are called Various Cancer because it starts as malignant, tumor or lump and becomes cancerous in the long run or if diagnose in the advanced stage. Usual pain in the affected body part, fatigue and lump is often the symptoms of these various cancers.

Healing the infected host

The common medical treatment given to the cancer patient is chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. In line with these treatments, food intake and dietary supplements is also important to keep the body in tacked and balance, to have support against the effect of the radiation caused by the medical treatment such as chemotherapy. Asparagus, malunggay leaves and other fruits and vegetables rich in fibers.

Continuation of life

Every cancer survivor look at life in different ways, they see it as a second chance considering have been through fatal or critical stage. But on the other hand, people who did not survive such fatal disease, still thankful for the chances given to them. Because of the new technology, the life of cancer patients prolonged, or has given several months more. They still have time to spend most of their time with their family. Start living a life full of love and happiness before these common cancers take your happiness.


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