How Cancer Awareness Is Being Encouraged
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How Cancer Awareness Is Being Encouraged

Published at 02/13/2012 16:23:31

Cancer: Killing Machine

How Cancer Awareness Is Being Encouraged

Do you have enough knowledge about cancer awareness? Known as one of the world’s best killers, cancer have always been a bad news for everyone. And this disease can come to anyone in any form. It doesn’t care whether you are old or young, woman or man, black or white, and what have you. The moment this disease hits you, it can hit you hard if you don’t detect it soon enough to be able to do something about it. It can come to you unnoticed like a thief in the night. Not only is this disease without regard with your status or condition or race, it also is difficult to fight against. Cancer awareness is an effective way of preventing this fatal disease.

How Cancer Can Happen

How Cancer Awareness Is Being Encouraged

Cancer awareness starts with knowing the etiology and the disease process. Unlike other types of diseases that you would rather have than cancer, this disease is not acquired since birth or catching it from another person who has it. This disease grows inside you like it has an option to choose to be in you. Cancer can come to you due to the mutations within your very own cells. Although there were some probable causes of cancer, like asbestos and radiation, it is unlikely that one can prevent this deadly and sneaky disease from infecting you. Cells are known to be unregulated with its growth in your body. This irregular or abnormal growth of the cells can lead to a tumor. Normally, cells in your body are regulated by specific proteins on when and how they would grow. But with cancer, this process of regulating the growth of cells is jeopardized which results to irregular production of cells or mutation would occur.

Deadly Effects of Tumors

How Cancer Awareness Is Being Encouraged

Once the rapid and unstoppable growth of cancer cells happen it will grow a tumor. This tumor can cause major problems to your body since it sucks the nutrients from other parts of the body. They get these nutrients from the bloodstream or they can even create their own blood vessels where they can get their supply of nutrients including oxygen. As tumors grow, they cause major harm to the body in the following ways:

  1. These tumors can release substances that are known to kill surrounding healthy cells.
  2. These can place pressure on those organs near them as these tumor grow in size.
  3. Tumors can also disable the tissues nearby and invade them.
  4. With their presence, tumors cal also make the surrounding tissues vulnerable to any infections.

But this is not the worst part of having these tumors. Once this abnormal mass of tissue in the body decides to releases those cancer cells, they can travel through your bloodstream and try to spread all over your body.

Be Aware of Cancer

Because of the many types of cancer diseases, people are making some moves to make everyone aware of the deadly effects of cancer. There might be some treatments and cures for specific cancer types, but it is always better to prevent them instead of having to fight them. A lot of cancer victims have failed to survive the fight because of the lack of cancer awareness. That is organizations and institutions are doing all they can to promote the cancer awareness in all forms.


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