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Does Chewing Tobacco Cause Cancer Of the Month

Chewing Tobacco

Smoking cigarettes or tobacco has always been known to be harmful to the health. There are a lot of health complications that smoking can cause to your body as it affects your lungs or liver. There are also reports showing cases of cancer caused by, or influenced by, frequent or addictive smoking. But in spite of all the warnings, people are still seen smoking cigarettes and tobacco.

Others who would like to quit or stop smoking and know its effects to the body would look for ways on how to make quitting manageable. Some would try having candies and other alternatives to make quitting easier. But, among all these so-called alternatives, chewing tobacco is one alternative which will not make things better for the body.

Tobacco More Harmful When Chewed

People also call the chewing of tobacco as smokeless tobacco. There might be no smoking involved in chewing tobacco, but it doesn’t mean that it is less harmful to the body. On the contrary, chewing tobacco can be more dangerous than smoking itself. Instead of getting rid of the addiction to smoking, chewing is another addiction that you might find yourself hard to break. This addiction is going to put you at a higher risk of cancer as the cancer month suggests.

A person can be in more trouble when it comes to having cancer with chewing tobacco than smoking. The danger of getting cancer is stressed every cancer month on how chewing tobacco can have several harsh chemicals that can cause the killer disease. These chemicals that you get in chewing tobacco can bring you the worst kinds of cancer. This should already convince you to stop the addiction to chewing tobacco.

Cancers Caused By Chewing Tobacco

Every lung cancer month, the dangers of tobacco causing cancer is always mentioned and pounded on the minds of people. Tobacco is found to cause a lot of oral cancer cases. It doesn’t matter whether the tobacco intake is done through smoking, snuffing or chewing; it has always been very well known to cause a particular cancers.

Cancer cases in the mouth and pharynx are just some of the cases tobacco can be blamed for. Other cancer cases that are known to be caused by chewing tobacco are cancer on the lip, esophagus, pancreas, uterine cervix, the kidney, the urinary bladder and the lung. A person is more prone to have these cancers if tobacco is in the picture.

Among the many types of cancers that tobacco can cause, cancer of the lip and cancer of the mouth are mostly acquired because of chewing tobacco.

Chewing Is No Better

Don’t be mislead to thinking that tobacco is less harmful when chewed and not smoked. As cancer month clearly shows, chewing tobacco is even more deadly than smoking or just snuffing it. Chewing tobacco is putting yourself in direct contact with all the harmful chemicals you can find in the tobacco. Therefore, more risks are involved and expected.

Cancer month indicates that quitting smoking tobacco is not easy. But choosing to chew tobacco is no way out of getting the dangers of tobacco. You are even putting yourself in greater danger of cancer.

By Greggy Rick Go, published at 03/21/2012
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