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Information About Diseases Of The Lung

The Importance of the Lung

It is common knowledge that for a person to live he or she must have oxygen to stay alive. It is the respiratory system that gathers the oxygen and distributes it to the entire body. The most important part of the respiratory system is the lung which is responsible to make those much need air to reach its destination. If the lung is experiencing some trouble in doing its functions because of some diseases then the person will have problems with breathing too. And since breathing is such an important factor in being alive, it jeopardizes the health of the person who has problems breathing.

Lung Diseases

There are different lung diseases that can trouble the person. Some of the possible and fatal diseases that can occur are tuberculosis, pneumonia, asthma, and lung cancer. Among the most common disease diagnosed is lung cancer. Almost all lung cancer cases are due to smoking cigarettes. However, it is also understood that aside from the person’s smoking habits, there are also other factors that can trigger lung cancer. Factors like second-hand smoke, air pollution, and exposure to some dangerous chemicals or gases.

Another lung disease that ranks among those that are common is Asthma. This disease can happen to anyone and it doesn’t matter whether you smoke cigarettes or not. Sadly, this disease is incurable but it can be treated. Those that are with asthma can either depend on different types of treatments.

The next notable disease that may occur to your lungs is Tuberculosis which is caused by bacteria and infectious at that. This disease might affect mainly the lungs but it also affects other parts of the body.

Different Symptoms

Some symptom that can detect these diseases can help the person get help sooner before the disease gets worse.

For tuberculosis, symptoms like fevers, persistent tiredness, severe coughing, blood in the sputum, night sweating and unusual weight loss can show.

While for those who are with asthma, the symptoms are really quite obvious. Coughing, breathlessness, wheezing, and dry and coarse coughs that are worst in the mornings are clear signs of problems in the lungs. These are also the same symptoms in people having asthma.


Several treatments are available for these lung diseases that can help people lower down the pain and suffering since most of these lung diseases are incurable.

For those with asthma, they can depend on different treatments like leukotriene modifiers, inhaled corticosteroids, long-acting beta agonists, theophylline, ipratropium, and oral and intravenous corticosteroids. These may not cure the disease itself but it can make it less difficult for the person.

And for those who have lung cancer, it is always advised and ideal to undergo treatments during the early stage of the disease so it will not cause any further complications. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy, and surgery are some of the treatments lung cancer patients would have to undergo.

Lung cancer is one serious disease that can cause death to the person who has it. That is why it is very important to detect any signs of problems in the lungs to avoid any of these diseases.

By Greggy Rick Go, published at 01/10/2012
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