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Collagen diseases are now found to have an increasing trend in their occurrence. Many people suffer from these diseases, but the main cause is the destruction of the connective tissue which leads to the collagen diseases. Polyarthritis nodosa, scleroderma, lupus erythematous and dermatomyositis are four diseases, which have been now placed in a single category which played a part in connective tissue diseases, which further leads to the collagen diseases. Collagen diseases are caused by the destruction of connective tissue because it leads to the injury of the collagen by inflammation.

Polyartertisis Nodosa


Polyarteritises Nodosa seems to affect the blood vessels very deeply. This is a disease which is found very commonly as a reason for destruction of connective tissues. It affects the blood vessels so it can be observed in any art of the human body. Normally, this disease occurs between the ages of twenty and forty. This particular disease has a greater ratio of affecting male blood vessels and then destroying connective tissues, which finally lead to the collagen diseases.



Collagen diseases are mainly caused by an injury to the connective tissues and sclerdome is a disease which affects the connective tissues of the human body. The main symptom of this disease is that you will find your skin to harden. Sclerdome is very rare to be seen in the humans but it majorly has been witnessed in women between the ages of thirty to fifty. Sclerdome causes calcification due to the swelling of the skin. Your face, arms and neck skin can be damaged due to this disease. Sclerdome is still not considered as serious as the other three diseases and it can be treated by the usage of Cortisone and ACTH. This type of disease helps in occurrence of collagen diseases in the humans due to its ability to destroy the connective tissues.

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Lupus Erythemastosus:
Lupus Erythemastosus is a very serious disease which can prove to be very fatal if not cured and develop collagen diseases in the human body. You may witness extreme disorder if you are a women belonging to the age group of fifteen to forty years. A butter-fly shaped inflammation can be observed as a symptom of this disease further introducing the collagen diseases. Heart and joints disturbance can be considered as another symptom of this deadly disease.

Collagen diseases are also helped on its way to develop in humans by a disease known as dermatomyositis. A disorder in muscles and skin is a symptom of this particular disease. Medical science is still searching for an exact concept of how this disease develops in the human body. This particular disease affects to the both, males and females belonging to ages between ten to fifty years. The difficulties that you face in the form of affects of this particular disease are; swallowing, vision, speech and weakness. This disease must be taken care of very seriously as people suffering from it may not be able to survive for a long time due to its harsh after affects.
Polyateritis nodosa, scleroderma, lupus erythematous and dermatomyositis are the four diseases which mainly help in developing collagen diseases.

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