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How To Prevent Atrophy Diseases


Disease belonging to any class of the diseases can be prevented only by proper care and by strictly following the precautionary measures advised by the physician or doctor. Most of the diseases are caused due to carelessness and refusing to accept the conditions which could give rise to any small infection to a fatal disease. Atrophy diseases are classified as those diseases that are caused due to the seizure of an organ in the body.


This seizure could be limited only to some cells, tissues, muscles, organ or even the complete body. In simple words Atrophy is caused when an organ gets destabilized and it stops performing its functionalities. For example if this disease will appear to somebody’s foot, they would be unable to move their feet for a long period of time. The Atrophy diseases are usually caused by the mutation in the cells of a specific organ. This mutation would stop the organ from functioning. The other causes include the lack of nourishment supply to the cells, or because the organ had left the hormonal support. In short all this result in the wastage of the organ.


Several researches are being made regarding the atrophy and its prevention as well. So far it has been discovered that this disease is not limited only to human beings, rather the animals are equally affected by it as well. Due to this similarity in behavior, several experiments were performed on the rats and it was discovered that the disease could be easily prevented from further growth by feeding the patient with the drugs that totally kill the mutating cells or tissues. Hence killing the cause ultimately kills the disease as well.

In normal situations, atrophy is caused because of lack of using the organ that results in the wastage of the organ. Taking rest for a long time, or due to some injury, if an organ is not utilized for a long period of time, it is likely to be attacked by atrophy disease. This however can be prevented or reversed by taking regular exercised in the affected part of the body. Usually the symptoms of the disease are the weakness or excessive weight loss of that organ of the body but in some cases it has found to be the reversed where the affected organ was swelled up to twice the normal size. Sometimes this could happen due to overweight and obesity because in such situation where the muscles and parts of body do not get their required amount of physical activity and hence the body part starts losing its life.

Tips and comments

In order to prevent atrophy you must be ready to fight it even before it starts showing itself. Use the organs that nature has blessed you with and do not lose them with your laziness. If you take regular amounts of exercise each day, every part of your body will participates and hence the chance of getting attacked by atrophy gets eliminated. You can stay away from a number of diseases if you have the courage to do so.

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