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About Colombovac in the Treatment Of Pigeon Disease


For you to immunize your pigeons well and very effective you need to use the Colombovac vaccines from the age of 6 weeks in order to prevent the pigeons from mortality. One dose is supposed to be administered, which is zero point two of Colombovac vaccine. The injection should be administered at the back of the neck of the bird. If it is the primary vaccination of Colombovac, you need to vaccinate two doses during the sixty week. After the initial vaccination at six months administer the booster vaccination then followed by another Colombovac vaccination after every six months. You need to pay attention to the right dosages and follow the instructions.

Administration of Colombovac Vaccine

The Colombovac vaccines is not used in other birds besides the pigeons, do not vaccinate the pigeons during their reproduction period and when taking care of the squabs. The Colombovac vaccine for pigeons does not have the safety measures when you use it for a long period of time. But the Colombovac vaccine indicate that administer the vaccine at the 14th day or within the 14th day, that is, vaccinate the birds 4 weeks before reproduction period. Do not mix the Colombovac vaccine with other products; even the intramuscular injections should not be used. After you are done with the fast vaccination, you need to palpate the reactions in centimeters. After some few seconds the palpable reactions may add to two centimeters. The palpable reaction may slide to the side of the neck which can be palpable for two weeks.

Primary Vaccination

Racing pigeons, all pigeons should be vaccinated before fourteen days, that is, before the racing period. The birds can be vaccinated by Colombovac starting from three weeks of age. Whereby the single injections you administer will over immunity for twelve months. After administration of the vaccine avoid the birds to be in contact with other birds at most for fourteen days.

Show pigeons, the beginning of the show season is the vaccinating the birds annually which as well provides immunity for one year. Also give them a single booster annually.

In booster vaccination, we also have racing pigeon and show pigeon, whereby in racing pigeons, all the birds are supposed to be given one booster vaccination in a year, the booster usually interferes with the racing program in pigeon, but it can be as well be brought forward in the onset of each racing period. While in the show pigeon they should be given one booster in a year.

Importance of Colombovac Vaccine

The vaccination of Colombovac vaccine prevents the clinical symptoms of paramyxovirus type one infections in pigeons. The best protection usually occur a month after inoculation.

These vaccine is not supposed to be used on the pigeons that are unwell or unhealthy, you are not allowed to vaccinate the pigeons on the fast two weeks when the pigeons are about to lay eggs. It is safe to vaccinate the pigeons even if they are breeding provided you don’t vaccinate at the beginning of breeding period of pigeons. In case you detect hypersensitivity in the pigeons, make sure treat with glucocorticoid intravenously.

By Bob Meadow, published at 03/28/2012
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