The Treatment Cure For All Diseases
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The Treatment Cure For All Diseases

Published at 02/20/2012 19:05:07


The Treatment Cure For All Diseases

For centuries now, scientists, doctors and experts of medicines have been spending hours in their laboratories trying to find the cure for all diseases. The question is, has someone found that one cure? If yes, will it be available to the general public? If so, will everyone benefit from it? Or will it just be available to those who have money and power?

More treatments but no cure

The Treatment Cure For All Diseases

With each passing year there seems to be a discovery of a new disease and many of them have no cure. While these diseases are being found are the medical breakthroughs able to keep up with these growing diseases?

When a person gets ill, they go to the doctor and sometimes find out that they have a serious illness. The doctor gives them medications and schedules them for treatments, but not an assurance that the patient will be cured.

The ones that only benefit from these scenarios are the pharmaceutical companies with their expensive medicines and the hospitals that charge like a five-star hotel.

Research findings show that the cure for all diseases has simple explanations and cures once the true cause is known. Our advanced technology nowadays, plays a huge role in these researches. And because of these technologies combined with the expertise of the researchers, most likely the cure of all cures is just sitting in one of the laboratories out there waiting to be unveiled.

Suppression and more Questions.

The Treatment Cure For All Diseases

If a needed treatment or the cure for all diseases has already been discovered why suppress the information and not make it a public knowledge? The cure’s discovery will lose its significance if not used as it should be. Why hinder something that benefits the many?

When one attempts to publicized a breakthrough, an entity seems to be all so ready in shutting it down. Instead of putting these geniuses out of the picture, why not help and support them instead? Conduct more tests to prove the cure’s effectiveness.


You cannot avoid getting sick but you can prevent major diseases that are not hereditary or at least lessen the chances of acquiring a disease. You can do this by taking care of your body and condition your mind. As what the doctors always advice patients, there are ways that you can do to fend off diseases.

1.) Eat healthy

2.) Exercise

3.) Keep your mind active and always have a positive attitude towards life.

4.) Regular check ups

5.) Always do hand-washing before and after handling of foods

6.) Intake of vitamins and mineral daily will help boost your immune system

7.) Avoidance of alcoholic drinks and smoking will fend off diseases

If you already have an incurable disease, don’t stop fighting the battle. It is never too late to begin a healthy lifestyle. With or without the cure for all diseases, there’s always hope that someday, somehow miracles would happen. Always remember that you will never be alone in that journey of survival. Gather strength from your family around you. They too are also fighting for you.


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