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Skin is a very important tissue in our body.It should be taken care of other wise, it can be affected by diseases and makes somebody look ugly.Many diseases causes skin discoloration; the reasons for the discoloration are just as varied. A change in pigmentation can be the result of an accumulation of protein deposits in your skin, inflammation, the excessive release of hormones or from hemorrhaging. Neglegence can also a key factor as most people don't care how much they look.
Skin discoloration is caused due to many reasons. In fact, each of the different skin discoloration diseases results from certain abnormalities in the body metabolism .Skin discoloration, a change in the color of the skin, is caused due to health problems and/or side effects of medications.Failing to clean our armpits well can also results to decoraration caused by dead cells and sweat.


Skin diseases and decoloration has been there over a long time even during the biblical time when Jesus healed a leprosy. With many bacteria and fungi within us we are prone to get skin diseases through contamination or by any un- hygienic ways. Contacts  with a person having the diseases is also  another way skin diseases has been spreading over for along time


Many skins diseases  and decoloration are hereditary while others are got through contacts.

Diseases like dermatomyositis involves the inflammation of your skin and muscles. You have muscle weakness and pain. After some time, you might also develop problems with swallowing and breathing.Failing to take care of bodyand hygenic precaution resulits to many diseases.

Abnormal change in the skin tone can be a symptom of medical conditions. The symptoms of skin discoloration vary depending upon the cause. A patient who notices discolored skin should consult a qualified dermatologist for proper diagnosis of the underlying health problem.There are many other symptoms that once they appear you can tell you are suffering from skin diseses.They include:

Discolored skin, yellow skin associated with liver disease, paleness caused by anemia and albinisms which causes your skin to be white.

Tips and Comments

A patient who notices discolored skin should consult a qualified dermatologist for proper diagnosis of the underlying health problem. Proper skin care should be taken consideration, and one should follow the prescription of the dermatologist to restore normal skin color. To get prompt results, it is always advisable to limit exposure to sun and apply sunscreen while going outdoors during daytime.

For your skin to remain healthy ensure you consult a dermatologist to check on any abnormality with your skin.Ensure hygiene is observed as most of the skin diseases are caused by bacteria and fungi which are found in un clean places. Taking a shower every day will reduce infections.

Everyday, your skin braves the elements to insulate and protect your insides and keep you looking great on the outside. So, protect it with a daily body moisturizer.Make a habit of rsourcing in formations from the internet and other reseached journals that has resouseful tips on how care and treat your skin

It is a good recommendation to dry off with towel after every shower.Factors like smoking or getting too much sun can also damage the skin though, not to a great extent.

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