What to do if your account is compromised
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What to do if your account is compromised

Published at 02/09/2012 19:06:35

How will you know your account is hacked?

What to do if your account is compromised

Your account is compromised when you cannot log into your account using your password and you cannot change the settings, or it has been altered. People listed on your contacts are flooded with spam messages and you start receiving e-mails from random addresses you are not familiar with. The closest thing you can think of is someone stole your password and used your account to access personal information. In worst cases, the person may use it to send foul messages to your family and friends listed on your contacts. The bridge it will destroy may not be that easy to fix. It is very important to be mindful when using your account publicly. You can’t be so sure even if you are inside the comfort of your home.

Step 1

To prevent anyone from accessing your vital information, install an antivirus program in your computer. Most hackers can get your password through malicious software that has been installed on your computer without you knowing it. For example, you downloaded a toolbar it will ask you to change your password. It is important to clear the viruses before you change it so that the hackers will not be able to access your new password.

Step 2

Make sure to choose a strong password that cannot be guessed easily to avoid your account being compromised.

Step 3

Get the latest updates of your operating system to avoid your account being compromised.

Step 4

Do not reply on e-mails that require you to put in your password to avoid your account being compromised.

Step 5

Be careful when signing in to your account when using public computers to avoid your account being compromised.

Causes of compromising an account

What to do if your account is compromised

The user’s behavior points to the link of infiltration. Studies show that the reason spam is still prevalent, because it works. A lot of people will open a spam message and be tempted by whatever schemes it is offering. Thinking that what you received was from a legitimate business or a friend, you will then reply with the requested login information. A number of people neglect to log out when using a public computer in a library or internet café. Never write down your password or share it with anyone. You will never know the possibilities and the damage it may cause when someone can access your personal account. Once a hacker breaks into one site it will be easier for them to gain access to other popular sites and to hack your account and be compromised.

The battle to recover your account

Technology should not be a pain. It was created to make life easier but not to make us irresponsible. But in some circumstances that cannot be avoided you may report it to your email provider like yahoo mail or google. If your facebook account was compromised, you can go to a link in www.facebook.com/hacked. Do not list your main e-mail address publicly when online like forums, blogs, or ads. If it is possible do not use a public computer when logging into your email account, if not set up an extra e-mail and change the password regularly. Make sure that you double check the computer before leaving the station. Be sure to perform a full antivirus scan on your computer because your newly restored account may be vulnerable to be compromised again. When you change your new password make sure to use something that is not obvious. Do not hesitate to change it regularly avoid your account being compromised, especially when there is a possible case of being hacked.


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