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How To Prevent Dark Stretch Marks on Your Skin

Published at 03/20/2012 15:23:11


A stretch mark is a type of scar that is caused by hormones that effect on the elastic proteins of the skin. It is a common misconception that weight gain is one of the reasons for stretch marks. The hormonal changes during weight gain for ex. Pregnancy could be a reason rather than stretching of the skin itself. Hormonal changes during weight loss can also contribute to stretch marks. Skin tears or thins due to malnutrition, pressure, hormonal changes. To counter that, the body tries to heal it with collagen bundles and this result in visible dark skin stretch marks. More medical information on this can be found at

Step 1

Prevention is the best way to keep these dark skin stretch marks away.
1. Keep your skin well hydrated. Moisturizing using a good quality topical moisturizer helps in keeping the skin hydrated. While many pay attention to moisturizing this makes their face, stretch mark prone areas should also be well moisturized. This makes the skin pliant and hence easier to stretch. This is very important during teenage years and pregnancy

Step 2

2. Avoid rapid weight gain or weight loss – Weight gain and Weight loss done in a crash model is medically not recommended. This leads to a lot of issues and irregular hormonal activity is one of the side effects. Many people have notices, dark skin, stretch marks and paleness after crash weight loss or gain.

Step 3

3. Protein – the dietary wonder – Protein is not just to build strength or muscle. The importance of including proteins in your diet can never be emphasized too much. Along with all its other qualities, proteins promote good tissue growth which helps in giving strength to the skin during pregnancy where one cannot avoid undue stretching. This helps in preventing dark skin and dark stretch marks.

Step 4

4. Balanced diet – The idea of eating for two during pregnancy is out dated. The idea is to eat well and balanced. This helps in maintaining a healthy weight and adequate amounts of Vitamin A, E and C. This helps in preventing dark skin stretch marks.

Step 5

5. Topical medication – Topical application of elastin containing creams like cocoa butter will help in avoiding the skin darkening stretch marks. Many Elastin containing topical creams are available in the market. Some of the creams available in the market are reviewed at Choices can be made based on individual preferences.


Dark skin stretch marks are common in areas such as thighs, abdomen, buttocks, hips and breasts. The dark skin stretch marks are initially reddish horizontal lines and then turn white over a period of time and the bad news is that this could to a point be genetic as well in women.

Most women, at some time during life become susceptible to stretch marks as they go through periods of hormonal changes either during puberty, marriage, pregnancy etc. Unfortunately, as the source of these dark skin stretch marks are embedded deep and discolouration occurs after the collagen bundles are set; these scars do not heal over time.


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