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How To Prevent Oak Trees Diseases


Ever looked around and cannot identify how an oak tree looks like or do you have an oak tree and cannot identify when your oak tree has oak tree diseases. Then it is important you know. An oak tree is a tree that has spiral arranged leaves with lobed margin but all in all some oak trees have serrated leaves with a smooth margin. It will also surprise you to know that due to the oak tree having high tannin content it is very strong and is very difficult and this causes it to be highly resistant to fungal and insects attack. The oak tree has different uses it can be used to build houses or can be used to make furniture and even flooring and also veneer production. Just as other trees the oak tree is prone to oak tree diseases and this oak tree diseases if not well taken care of can be fatal and can spread really fast causing the death of a full plantation of oak trees. Therefore it is very wise to take care of your oak trees from oak tree disease.


Oak tree diseases

Oak wilt

This is a fungal infection that affects the oak tree although the red oak tree is at a greater chance to get this oak tree disease all other oak trees are vulnerable to get this oak tree disease. Unfortunately there is no cure for this oak tree disease and when an oak tree is infected it dies within the period of one month or less but most importantly you can prevent it by destroying the oak trees that are already infected to prevent others from getting the fatal oak tree disease.


This is a group of oak tree diseases that are caused by closely related fungi and though it mostly affects the white oak tree all other types of oak trees are also very vulnerable this oak tree diseases are characterized by scattered brown spots from along the veins and also the leaves tend to look scorched.

Powdery mildew

This is an oak tree disease that is caused by a fungi and is very common in the oak trees .this oak tree disease mostly attacks when the weather is highly humid and cool. Some of the symptoms for this oak tree disease would include light green to yellow spots, white patches that develop peppered. This is a very fatal oak tree disease and it make oak trees more vulnerable than any other oak tree disease.



Most of these oak tree diseases are fatal and if not treated on time or if not prevented they can kill and destroys oak tree plantations most of the diseases share most of the symptoms which include white coating, shelf mushrooms, thinning canopy, spotted and discolored leaves yellow or green spots, wet patches and truck , foul smelling ooze radial cracks and many more

Tips and comments

Prevention of oak tree diseases

  • plant oak trees in places where there is no shade
  • plat oak trees far apart to give room for air circulation
  • prune infected banches to avoid infection
  • make sure you maintain the trees by givin good nutrition feeding
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