Causes And Symptoms Of An Xyy Person
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Causes And Symptoms Of An Xyy Person

Published at 02/20/2012 02:18:49

What is an XYY Person?

Causes And Symptoms Of An Xyy Person

We all know that the normal chromosomes in each cell for females are XX and for males, XY. XYY is a rare chromosomal genetic syndrome where the male individual has an extra Y male chromosome. When a human male receives an extra Y chromosome, making it a total of 47 chromosomes instead of the normal 46, it is then called 47, XYY syndrome. Other names that people call this type of abnormality are: XYY Karyotype, XYY syndrome, YY syndrome and Jacob’s Syndrome.

Studies show that this condition occurs in about 1 in 1,000 newborn boys.


Causes And Symptoms Of An Xyy Person

XYY syndrome or Jacob’s syndrome is associated with a high risk of learning disabilities, and developmental delays of speech and language skills. It is also possible that the development of motor skills may be delayed; motor tics or involuntary muscle movements are evident and weak muscle tones. Here are some other lists of symptoms of an XYY syndrome:

• Chest Pain
• Immaturity
• Learning difficulties
• Swollen joints
• Joint stiffness

A male individual with Jacob’s syndrome has other complications such as: excess acne, very tall in stature and can be temperamental.

What Can Cause an XYY Syndrome?

Causes And Symptoms Of An Xyy Person

XYY syndrome typically occurs randomly during the formation of sperm cells, wherein an extra copy of Y chromosome duplicates the other one which makes it a total of 47 chromosomes. It is not inherited.

How to Deal with XYY Syndrome

One of the problems which may arise from an XYY syndrome is behavioural issues such as severe temper tantrums, defiance, and stealing. Parents with sons who have this type of syndrome often find it difficult to deal with what their child is going through. In these severe cases, parents should and need an expert’s intervention. Seek help as early as possible.

Keep a simple set of rules in the house and do not allow breaking these rules without immediate consequence. This will help kids with XYY syndrome know what discipline is. Give praises whenever they have done something good. Do not pressure them though.

The family’s support is much needed by those individuals who have this type of syndrome. Family members should be patient and understanding. Members of the family should always be there for him.

Encouraging the boy to talk is very helpful, especially if the problems are due to emotional maturity.

Many parents would admit that these types of problems caused by an XYY syndrome require professional help and medication. Behavioural treatment may mean hard work but in the long run great efforts are successful.

In terms of height issues, most men with XYY chromosomes are unusually tall. There are more disadvantages of extra height, these include being picked on by other kids, bullying, finding clothes and shoes that will fit, and being stared at, these are may cause lower self-esteem and may lead to depression. Parents may not have control over what other people may say and do to their child, but being there always will make a big difference.

No matter what your child with an XYY syndrome is going through, it is very evident that you as the parent have to battle this type of illness together with your child. These children need special care and attention. They need more understanding from people, above all from their parents and families.


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