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Alcohol has been part of society for a very long time. It has made people enjoy their leisure time as they come together to celebrate the pleasures of life. However, alcohol comes with its fair share of troubles. When not used properly, it can cut life short and taking caution to prevent alcohol diseases is the way to go. Before looking at some of the top methods to prevent the problem, let us look at some of the top alcohol diseases you can expect. The most common illness caused by alcohol is liver disease. There are several kinds among them fatty liver, hepatitis as well as liver cirrhosis.


Alcohol diseases such as cirrhosis are well known. This is the formation of scar tissues in place of the healthy liver cells. When this happens, function of the liver is compromised. This disease is responsible for claiming many lives in society. Hepatitis is another one of alcohol diseases that basically entails inflammation of the liver. This can lead to cirrhosis. Alcohol contains a lot of calories and this can lead to fatty liver disease. This condition although not fatal should be eliminated by getting rid of alcoholism. To prevent these conditions, one has to be very careful about misusing alcohol. The recommended amount should not be exceeded.


However, the grim reality is that people are used to going overboard hence developing liver diseases. The best way to prevent liver diseases is to avoid alcohol in the first place. This is because it can lead to dependency. Although there are few benefits associated with alcohol, it I always better to nip at the bud. Another way to prevent the disease is to seek help from a health care provider who will give the right attention to different conditions. Ignoring first sings of a problem can cost you your life. Therefore avoid this by seeing a qualified health care expert. Alcoholism has also been found to cause high blood pressure. Nerve tissue damage is also another problem that will be brought about by the overuse of alcohol. Another important factor to consider is that abuse of alcohol has been the cause of road accidents which have resulted in death.

Tips and comments

These are alarming factors that should propel all people to making better choices when alcohol use is concerned. Other alcohol diseases include loss of sexual ability. Impotence has a way of magnifying the problem even further. Alcohol also leads to depression and anxiety problems. To prevent such alcohol diseases, know the limits or seek help from experts. Do not isolate yourself when drinking. Be part of a social circle that can play a huge part in your overall wellness. It is critical to avoid being dependent on alcohol. Dependency has been referred to be a disease in itself. Learning from the experiences of others is another great way to steer clear of alcohol problems. Look at the merits and demerits of the drink and make an informed choice. Remember, you can have fun without overindulging in alcohol. This is a sure way guaranteed to keep you safe in this regard.

By emma Wanjiku, published at 03/06/2012
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