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How To Prevent Pneumonia Diseases


Pneumonia disease is an infection of the lungs whereas the lung tissue is filled with pus and other fluid which makes it difficult for oxygen in the lungs air sacs to reach the bloodstream. With pneumonia diseases a person may have difficulty in breathing and may start coughing or get afever.


People who have pneumonia diseases often have acough,fever accompanied by some shaking chills, some breath shortness, some chest pains during deep breath and some increased respiratory rate. For children who have the pneumonia diseases it’s more likely for them to have difficulty in breathing and coughing too.

Antibiotics also improve the outcomes of those who are suffering from bacterial pneumonia diseases

Vaccinations against the pneumonia diseases have good evidence to support their use. Vaccinating the children against pneumonia diseases has also led to a decrease infection on adults because adults acquire infections from children

Smoking can damage your lungs so you should stop it

>if you are suffering from a chronic disease such as asthma, chronic heart, kidney condition, you need to get vaccinated so as to avoid getting pneumonia diseases

>if your spleen was removed maybe after a road accident, you need to get a vaccination so as to avoid any pneumonia diseases

Even following an episode of pneumonia that has been successfully treated, it is only natural to experience a period after the infection where you feel tired, get easily short of breath and have an annoying, persistent cough that can linger for several weeks.

Breathing is typically fast and shallow. The infected person may gasp for air and may even go bluish around the lips and nails due to the lack of air


Although more than one hundred of microorganism can cause pneumonia diseases,only afew can cause pneumonia disease.

>viruses and bacteria are the most common types of the infectious agents-the mixed infection with both viruses and bacteria may occur in about 45%of the pneumonia disease in children and about 15%in adults.

>a variety of parasites can affect the lungs by entering the body through the skin or mouth. Once it is inside the body, they travel to the lungs usually through the blood causing the pneumonia diseases

As well as damaging the lungs, many viruses affect other organs and thus disrupt many body functions. Viruses can also make the body more susceptible to other bacterial infection diseases; in this way bacterial pneumonia can arise as a bad condition

There are many ways to prevent pneumonia diseases;

>testing pregnant women and giving them treatment

>suctioning the mouth of the infants decreases the rate of aspiration

>treating underlying illness such as aids can decrease a persons risk to get pneumonia diseases

It is possible to treat the pneumonia diseases with antibiotics such as penicillin. Apart from that, other support may be necessary, eg chest physiotherapy, oxygen treatment.

If you have been abroad within two to three months before contracting the disease, it is important that you tell your doctor right away.

Tips and Comments

If you think you have been infected by any pneumonia diseases, you need to go for chest radiograph which is frequently used during diagnosis.

Vaccination is also effective for preventing certain bacterial and viral pneumonias in both children and adults.

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