Chest Diseases That Are Life Threatening
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Chest Diseases That Are Life Threatening

Published at 02/22/2012 17:07:52

Heart Diseases Are Serious

Chest Diseases That Are Life Threatening

One of the chest diseases that have been recorded to cause several deaths is heart disease. Aside from cancer, the problems that are related to your heart have always been troubling to people. Every heart problem should always be taken seriously since it can betray you and be life-threatening. Those people who have suffered from chest diseases have seen the signs but just ignored them.

The causes of heart diseases are several. But it is reported that most of these causes are because of high blood pressure which happens with the hardening of the arteries. High levels of bad cholesterol build up in the arteries. This bad cholesterol is caused by a diet that has high levels of those saturated fats and trans-fats. An unhealthy diet can add to the formation of atherosclerosis lesions, which will eventually cause blockage in the arteries. These lesions can also cause damage to the inner lining of the blood vessels. When this happens, the transportation of oxygen and any nutrition that the body has acquired is being stopped. This is not going to be advantageous for heart health.

Symptoms That Tell

Chest Diseases That Are Life Threatening

Signs and symptoms are there to give you a chance to do something about what is happening in your body. If you have symptoms of heart or chest diseases that can be life threatening, it is recommended that you seek medical attention and a change in your diet might be appropriate. So that you would know which symptoms to look out for, here are some the many that has been observed to be indicative of heart problems.

1. Leg Cramps – These leg cramps are felt while you are doing your walks. Most leg cramps are due to dehydration. Drinking more water can help eliminate leg cramps.

2. Chest Pains – Those chest pains that you have been feeling are caused by the temporary blockages of the blood vessels in your heart.

3. Shortness of Breath – this is also called Dyspnea. This is a vital sign that tells you to your face that you have a left ventricular insufficiency.

4. Headaches – headaches are not always indicative of heart diseases. But some migraine attacks may post risks of future cardiovascular troubles.

5. Palpitations – this is one common symptom that tells you something is not right with your heart.

Heart Diseases in All Chambers

Chest Diseases That Are Life Threatening

Chest diseases are frequent and they can affect you at anytime. There are four chambers in your heart and any of these chambers can be where the heart disease or attack could affect and possibly kill you. In general, what causes the heart failure is the insufficient blood pumping and oxygen not reaching to where it should. Narrowed or blocked arteries are the common reasons of these malfunctioning of the heart’s chambers.

Be Ready and Healthy

Any heart problem can be life threatening and must have your full concern. There is no telling when the heart disease strikes so it is always better to have your heart checked.


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