How To Protect Yourself From Pregnancy Diseases
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How To Protect Yourself From Pregnancy Diseases

Published at 02/15/2012 09:19:00

Pregnancy Is A Gift

How To Protect Yourself From Pregnancy Diseases

Pregnancy is such a momentous moment for a woman. This is even considered as being part of the essence of being a woman- to have a family. This is one of the fulfilling moments of a woman. Giving life to her baby is something that no other thing in the world can top when it comes to its being priceless.

Pregnancy, as wonderful as it is, can also be very risky to the health of the woman giving birth. This is a major condition that can go wrong anytime. Complications can even happen and can lead to life-threatening cases. Some can even be fatal.

Some Diseases During Pregnancy

How To Protect Yourself From Pregnancy Diseases

Complications in pregnancies may include diseases that can occur during pregnancy. These are some that are commonly reported to have caused alarm and that need to be shared to women to avoid them.

1. High Blood Pressure – At the time of the pregnancy itself, high blood pressure may occur and develop in women. The pressure of the blood in the woman’s arteries can shoot up during pregnancy. And this high blood pressure may also be a cause that can develop pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is a serious condition that can affect several parts of the body including the kidney, blood vessels, liver and many others.

2. Itchy Skin – This is also one of the common diseases that pregnant women are complaining about. The itchiness can be felt mostly around the breasts and the belly. This is said to be caused by the hormones and dry skin.

3. Fever – On the first trimester of pregnancy is when fever can happen. But, mild fevers may come anytime during the time of pregnancy.

Pregnant Women Are Vulnerable

How To Protect Yourself From Pregnancy Diseases

Pregnancy is a delicate stage. This is when the health of women is often times challenged by complications and diseases. Women can be vulnerable to diseases when they are bearing their baby.

When a woman’s immune system is not strong during pregnancy, she will not only be vulnerable to different types of diseases but also the child she carries with her inside her womb will be vulnerable. The baby inside is also dependent on how strong the resistance of the woman’s body is from diseases and infections. That is why it is of utmost importance that women’s health during this delicate stage is at its best.

Protect Yourself From Diseases Even When Pregnant

People who are not pregnant go on a diet and regular exercise routines to keep themselves healthy. Eating the right food and pairing it with the right amount of regular exercise boosts the immune system of a person.

Just because pregnant women are limited in their movements and what they are allowed to do, it doesn’t mean that they stop minding what they eat and doing some simple exercise routines. Diets and the right amount of moving about are still important even for pregnant women. Before doing so, it is advisable that you consult your doctor regarding the allowed diet and movements.


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