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What You Must Know About Auto Immune Diseases

Published at 02/15/2012 03:17:06

Understanding The Immune System

We have heard a lot of stuff about the autoimmune system in our body. These things said about the autoimmune system are mostly a bit ‘heroic’ in nature. A lot of times we hear and read about how our autoimmune system helps fight those disease-causing organisms away from our body. If this is one of the functions of our autoimmune system then we can really say that they are one of the important stuff in our body.

But what is our autoimmune system? It is said that our immune system is made up of cells, organs, molecules, and tissues that defend our body from the many diseases by releasing antibodies to fights them. These ‘little soldiers’ of the body are designed to engulf bacteria, kill and destroy those parasites and tumor cells.

Diseases Auto Immune Attack

In spite of the pure intentions of the immune system, which is to fight off those bad organisms that can cause diseases, there are times when the immune system is unable to determine the good ones from the bad. There are situations wherein the immune system attacks good foreign elements. When this happens, it is considered that the person is having an diseases auto immune in nature.

Diseases auto immune happen when our immune system attacks itself thus causing complications or inviting other diseases to occur. Having diseases auto immune is like having a mutiny inside our body where we can no longer trust our immune system to protect us from any disease attacks.

Types And Symptoms of Autoimmune Diseases

There are symptoms that can determine whether you have a case of diseases auto immune type. These symptoms, or even the diseases themselves, are mostly treatable.

1. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is when we feel very tired, uber-sensitive to cold, gain more weight, or feel those muscle cramps and weakness. It is also called as the under active thyroid.

2. Graves’ disease, on the other hand, is the opposite of Hashimoto’s disease. It is known also as overactive thyroid. This is what causes insomnia, weight loss even without trying, sweating, bulging eyes, and shaky hands.

3. Lupus is another one of those diseases auto immune in nature. This is understood as the swelling and damages to the skin, kidneys, heart, lungs, and joints. You will also see some rashes on other parts of the body.

Prevent Diseases

The best way to prevent these diseases auto immune is to boost your immune system. Since the cause or the part that is being attacked is your immune system, what better way to prevent it from being infected is to shield it from any virus.

To strengthen your immune system means to maintain good digestion and a healthy appetite. Eating healthy foods that can provide vitamins and nutrients that help boost your immune system.

If the foods you eat lack the necessary nutrients and vitamins that keep you safe from diseases such as those involving the immune system, then you can also take those food supplements. There are food supplements that can make up for the missing nutrients the body is missing. These simple steps will keep you healthy and fit.


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