How To Prevent Muscular Diseases
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How To Prevent Muscular Diseases

Published at 02/16/2012 05:34:24

How The Muscles Help The Body

How To Prevent Muscular Diseases

The part of our body that gives us the shape and the ability to be flexible is the muscle. We have several of these muscles in almost all parts or portion of our body. It is said that forty percent of our body is composed of our muscles. These muscles are actually tissues that are specialized cells. Every muscle is composed of elastic fibers which allow it to contract and relax.

Because of its function as that which maintains the body’s body temperature and also stores energy for the use of every part of the body, it is considered as the ‘powerhouse’ of our body. The energy that is stored by the muscle is carbohydrates that are converted into glucose. So when certain body parts are exhausted, the muscles then provide the stored energy.

Muscle Diseases, Anyone?

How To Prevent Muscular Diseases

Our body is prone to diseases and so are our muscles. Muscle diseases can happen to everyone. Most of these muscles diseases could even cause people to become weak considering that the muscles are what make the body strong. Body movements are often painful for people who are with muscle pains. This is the reason why people are limited to some movements only when they experience some diseases that affect the muscles.

These diseases of the muscles also do have treatments or drugs that are meant for specific diseases only. Although some treatments might improve the condition of the muscle diseases but at times, these treatments can only make the disease manageable. Especially those muscle diseases that are genetic, some of them can cause permanent disability.

Types of Muscular Diseases

How To Prevent Muscular Diseases

Those muscular diseases that are inherited from their parents or family are categorized as genetic muscular diseases. This automatically happens which is caused by the abnormality of the gene. Muscular Dystrophy is the most well-known genetic muscular disease. This disease is said to also have some effect in the heart.

And then there are those muscular diseases that are tagged as inflammatory muscular diseases. This type of muscular disease is caused by the immune system. This is one time of autoimmune disorder wherein the body’s immune system injures the muscles attached to it.

Treatment And Prevention

These muscular diseases are no joke. Understanding how these diseases can leave a person permanently disabled physically is reason enough to take extra measures to take care of these muscles. There are different treatments for these muscular diseases depending on the type and gravity of the disease itself. What is mostly done in addressing the problems with the muscles is to prolong the life of the muscles and manage the symptoms. These treatments include physical therapy, group therapy sessions, leg or arm braces, and others that try to make the condition easier for the affected person.

But instead of focusing on how to treat these, it is rather important to set our goals on how to prevent these muscular diseases from happening. Eating the right foods that give our muscles the nutrients they need will make bones stronger and less vulnerable to these life-altering muscular diseases.



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