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Symptoms Of Crohn's Diseases

Crohn’s Disease Understood

If you have heard a lot of stuff about inflammatory bowel disease then you must already have come across Crohn’s diseases. As already known, this is a type of IBD which has symptoms similar to that of ulcerative colitis. This might probably be one of the reasons why doctors are having a tough time figuring out what their patients have since the symptoms of the two diseases can be leading towards any of them. Blood test after blood test is what doctors would mostly perform to eliminate any doubts and be conclusive of their diagnosis.

According to reports, the most common affected area is the last part of the small intestine which is known and called the ileum. Compared to the other similar disease, ulcerative colitis, this type of disease can affect your digestive tract from your mouth to the end of your anus.

Symptoms Will Tell

Like any disease, understanding Crohn's diseases is important and can help doctors help you get treatment sooner. Part of understanding the nature of this disease if knowing the signs or symptoms the disease gives out to you. These symptoms are your cues that can allow you to make the necessary changes or preparations.

Here are some symptoms that should give you a wake-up call and get yourself checked.

1. It is common that you will experience diarrhea.

2. Pain or cramping can also be felt in your abdomen section.

3. You will also feel ill or feeling dizzy.

4. Even when not trying, you could also be losing weight.

5. Your appetite will not be like that of your usual.

6. And you will also notice that you feel fatigued in most days.

Causes of Crohn’s Disease

People are sometimes puzzled how Crohn’s diseases occur. It has been observed that a person chances in getting this disease are higher when there is a history of such in the family. Smoking can also be a common factor among those who would get this disease together with having coming from a Jewish descent.

Most people though think that Crohn’s diseases is a type of an autoimmune disorder that one gets when they have some problems with their immune system. It is believed that an autoimmune disorder happens when the immune system, which normally is the one which fights beside you in warding off organisms that make you sick, attacks itself which causes complications. In the case of the Crohn’s disease, it seem like your immune system is attacking your good intestinal tissues or just those bacteria that are actually just normally are living in there peacefully.

By Any Other Name

It is possible that you already are having Crohn’s diseases but your doctor is just calling it by a different name. All over the world, this disease is also called by different names but all referring to the same. You will hear people call this as Bloody Flux, or Dysentery, or Diarrhea Disease, or even Terminal Ileitis. However it is called, Crohn’s disease is considered a chronic disease. This disease can cause other complications to your health.

By Emelie Go, published at 02/16/2012
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