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What Are The Causes Of Skin Diseases And Disorders


What is the largest organ in our human body? If you were thinking of stomach or brain, think again. It is the skin which is the largest organ found in all mammals. Apart from being large, the exposure to the external environment and factors also makes it one of the most prone to diseases and disorders. There are hundreds of types of skin diseases and disorders known to man. Almost everyone has had one or more type of skin irritation or an itch at least once in their lives. Although most of the skin disorders are harmless and might cause an itch or a rash, there are some which are pretty dangerous and may cause organ malfunction or even death. Thus it is advised to take seriously all skin diseases and disorders and take suitable remedies and preventive measures.


The skin of an average human being weighs about four kilograms in a can cover an area up to 2 square meters consists of three layers: The epidermis or the most superficial layer, the dermis, which is between the epidermis and the lower layer which is called the subcutaneous tissue. The different diseases affect different layers of skin.

The common types of skin diseases and disorders, also called dermatoses , include acne, herpes, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and skin cancer. Acne which is a common in adolescents and the symptoms include pimples and red patches. Herpes is a common viral skin disease and the visible symptoms include cold sores and blisters on mouth and face. Psoriasis is caused by fault in immune system, but are not contagious. Skin Cancer, also called skin neoplasm is also one of the most common forms of cancer. It usually occurs on the epidermis. Thus it is also easier to detect it in earlier stages.


There are many causes of skin diseases and disorders. Sun exposure, genetic reasons, drug reaction or pregnancy are some of the causes. However, most common and temporary skin problems might be associated with natural causes, like insect bites or contact with parasites like lice and mites or even plants like poison ivy. The various skin infections can be viral, bacterial or fungal. Many such infections are spread by touch. Sun and ultra violet rays exposure for a prolonged period can even lead to skin cancer. Deficiency in immune system can also result in skin disorders. People with weaker immune systems are more susceptible to Psoriasis and even skin cancer. X-rays and chemical exposure can also cause rashes or other skin disorders. These exposures might occur due to occupational exposures. Medical practitioners might come into contact with X-rays very often. Also chemicals like coal, tar, arsenic etc have been chronicled to be harmful to the skin. Pregnancy in women causes temporary hyper pigmentation in almost ninety % women. Lastly one of the common causes of skin diseases and disorders is hereditary.

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Very often skin allergies or conditions found in parents are passed on to the children. Acne is a common skin problem known to be passed on to generations

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