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MBA, or Master of Business Administration, a degree that focuses on many different types of typical business tasks, is one of the most widely used degrees in the United States. Many people get an MBA in universities all across the United States
In many people’s minds MBAs are the equivalent to a managing degree. However, they are not. If someone is planning to get their MBA in universities in the US, then they are more than likely trying to become a manager. But, be wary, MBAs train people for business not managing.


Almost any university that exists offers a MBA program. But be careful, while many degrees in MBA in universities are offered, many are hardly and good and might not be worth the time of money. Make sure to look at the schools placement ranking as well as man reviews before trying for an MBA in universities. Perhaps you can try a part time MBA which is a much less rigorous course.
While many people talk about how bad an MBA is for your career and how it’s not worth any money or time especially when they put in as many hours as they did. However there are many reasons why an MBA in universities is beneficial. Firstly getting an MBA in universities is much better than doing a different MBA course. For many, the Accelerated MBA is much to difficult for them to handle all of the work. Part-time has the opposite problem for many people it is too slow. This leaves probably the best option, getting an MBA in universities. Getting an MBA in universities is much preferred to any other method because it is just the right pace and the professors are usually more likely to be willing to help the students out.


But from the anti MBA people’s minds, getting an MBA in universities is a bad investment. Some people say that while the MBA used to be the ticket to success it has now lost some of its powers. Proving this, they say, is the fact that most people who get an MBA end up regretting it, because, they say, it is not a business degree at all but an accounting degree. These people also say that all MBAs teach is theory and that MBAs don’t give you any actual experience.

Tips and comments

So after seeing all of this you have to decide if getting MBA in universities is the right course for you. Truly the main factor here is weather or not you want to get a business degree or if you want to get a managing degree, if you are the one who wants the managing degree, keep walking don’t waste your money on getting an MBA.
While getting and MBA in universities is often still very difficult. They are not as useful for most people who look into them as they used to be. The main thing you have to think about is whether or not getting a business degree is what you want.

By Vlad Dake, published at 02/27/2012
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