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Difference between good bachelors universities and ordinary ones is the research facilities. Bachelors University level education is all about research. When we look at the major inventions in the world all took place because of university level research.

The importance of research in bachelors universities is enormous and the seriousness of the administration towards research can be judged from the funds allocated for research centers and research programs. Most of the experts believe that research facilities and research centre plays a vital role when ranking decided. Following are the top American Bachelors universities that have excellent research facilities.

Columbia University is a private institute which was founded in 1754 and considered as the oldest university of New York state. Initially the name of this university was Kings College. Columbia University is one of the leading American bachelor universities which provide state of art research facilities for the students. Due to the highest research standards, Columbia University consistently considered as best American University since last few years.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a leading American bachelors universities which provides excellent research facilities in the field of science and technology. This university was founded in 1861 which was time when American industrialization started and need of a research based educational institute in the technological field.

Stanford University is considered as one of the best research based bacholers university in the world. Founded by former Governor of California Leland Stanford in 1876 and now becomes the research home in a number of fields such as Management, Law, and Social Sciences. When we talk about best bachelor universities the name of Stanford comes always in first few places.

Harvard is a private American university which was situated in Massachusetts. This is one of the oldest research based University of America which was established in 1636. Currently it ranked 4th among all American bachelor universities because of the research work done by its student.


In 1750, this exclusive university was founded in Philadelphia. Since last more than 250 years this university is providing services in the field of research and higher education. University of Pennsylvania is one of the leading institutes which provide research facilities in U.S.A. The quality of research proved from the fact that since 1923 more than 12 researchers from this prestigious institute awarded Noble prize in different fields. When we talk about bachelor universities or higher education institutes which provide extra ordinary research facilities, University of Pennsylvania is always a leading name.

These are few leading names in bachelor universities that provide research based education. Students from all over the world who are interested in research during their bachelor degree program and other higher education courses wants admissions in these prime institutes and universities. Though the list of educational institutes is big enough which provides research facilities and choosing top five is not an easy job but based on the amount of funds spend on research and services provided by the researchers in the past make it possible to choose above five prime bachelor universities.

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