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Top Wisconsin Universities For Outdoors Majors


There are several top Wisconsin universities. These universities are known for their excellent programs.

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University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire is also called UW - Eau Claire. Most of its courses are art-related. It is one of the best Wisconsin universities that is found in the town of Eau Claire in Wisconsin. It offers both bachelor degrees and master degrees. It always enrolls 10,000 students every year and had a budget of about $200 million. It is the most preferred university by student who has finish high school. The university occupies 333 acres of land with 28 important buildings covering this vast compound. It has land that is set aside for research. Uw- Eau Claire was founded in 1916.

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University of Wisconsin – Green Bay is also called UW-Green Bay and is found in Green bay the name UW - Green Bay. It is also you of the top Wisconsin universities that was founded in 1965. It was original meant for environmental programs but today it has incorporated other degree and master programs. The student enrolment in 2011 was about 6,600 plus 6,389 student in the undergraduate program.

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University of Wisconsin – La Crosse is also called UW - L.A. Crosse since is found in L.A. Crosse. It is you of the top public Wisconsin Universities. It offers bachelor degree, master degree and doctoral degree. It was known for long for it physical education. It has 87 degree programs in 44 different disciplines. It has also 26 graduate degree programs with more emphasis in only 8 disciplines. The University of Wisconsin School of excellence handles microbiology and sport programs. Businesses of Administration College handle national accreditation. If you are looking for recreational management course, then enroll at UW- L.A. Crosse. In all the University of Wisconsin, it is only UW- L.A. Crosse that offers a degree in nuclear medicine technology.

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University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh is another top public Wisconsin Universities. It is also called UW Oshkosh. It is public university and it third after Uw- Eau Claire. It offer both bachelor degrees and master degrees. The university has a population 13,002 students. There are 335 faculties in this university with 310 academic staffs. Many students in UW - Oshkosh major in social science, health science, communication, and business. The university has 15 master programs.

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University of Wisconsin – Parkside is famously known as UW- Parkside and it is found in Kenosha. It is you of the two top public Wisconsin universities that has not taken the name after the city in which it is found. It was founded in 1968 and it held it first graduation in 1970.

Other top public Wisconsin universities that fall under the University of Wisconsin system include the next ones:

  • UW – Platteville
  • UW – River Falls
  • UW – Stevens Point
  • UW – Stout (Menomonie)
  • UW – Superior
  • UW – Whitewater


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