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Published at 03/19/2012 04:03:16


Science has become a vast field encompassing a lot of subfields. There's biology, chemistry, medicine, physics, and other forms of science. One of the most interesting fields of science is psychology. There are universities for psychology majors that design their curriculum to study life's most interesting subjects you. The universities for psychology offer various domains of psychology to be studied. One can study what interests him, or what will help him earn big money. At times, he can have both. The expansion of psychology has allowed constant research in the subject, and these universities for psychology are engaged in many researches that contribute to the field.


The origins of psychology go way back into the history. The earliest origins of psychology are found in the writings of Aristotle about the nature of life. However, there was no formal discipline of psychology during the time of Aristotle. By the 17th and 18th century, biology, medicine, physics and other sciences were able to accumulate enough scientific evidence to set them apart from other fields.

Psychology wasn't yet considered as separate field. The launching of psychology as a separate field is usually credited to Wilhelm Wundt, who established the first laboratory of psychology in Leipzig, Germany, in 1879. On the other hands, some historians believe that William James should be credited the honor for opening up the first laboratory in 1875 at Harvard University. So among the many universities for psychology, Harvard was the first one to teach psychology as a separate subject.


The importance of psychology has become apparent in the last 2 centuries. There are many universities for psychology offering not only the basic areas of psychology but allowing masters degrees in applied psychology as well. Psychology has been subdivided in many fields, and it can be applied almost everywhere. You can study biological psychology, sensation and perception, learning and memory, cognition, developmental psychology, motivation and emotion, personality, social psychology and sociocultural psychology. You can even study psychology that can be applied in the modern world, and can even help you earn big bucks. These applied areas include clinical psychology, counseling psychology, educational and school psychology, industrial and organizational psychology and health psychology. So in essence, the field of psychology is a vast one, and almost all the universities for psychology are providing exhaustive curriculum to train you become the psychologist you want to be.

Psychology has become one of the most prominent and emerging careers in the field of medicine. Many universities for psychology are undergraduate and graduate degrees in this field. To get admission into any of the universities for psychology, major in psychology while in under graduation can really help. However, its not necessary that you possess any knowledge on the subject but having taken courses on psychology can make psychology at graduate level cope able. Also, you need to have good marks in your under graduate in order to get into any of the universities for psychology. Psychology is a challenging subject and universities expect you to be competitive. A good GRE score can also help since it will show strong analytic, qualitative and verbal abilities

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Moreover, the universities for psychology that you need to consider are UCSD, University of California in Berkley, University of Pennsylvania, University of Minnesota, Harvard University, University of Illinois, University of California Los Angeles, Yale University, University of Michigan, and Stanford University. These are the top 10 universities for psychology and can provide quality education in the field of psychology.


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