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10 New Universities In Usa

The American Education System

The Unites States is known for having some of the best educational institutions in the world and these universities attract some of the best talents in the world. New universities can tend to deter students who are obviously worried about their careers but sometimes these new universities can also prove to be beneficial for them in the long run or for someone who could not gain admission elsewhere.

What is New ?

Universities here are generally considered to be new if they have been established after the Second World War. Throughout the United States, there are a large number of new Universities that have proven to be as competitive as their older counterparts. Many of these universities initially started out as small schools or colleges before gaining full university status. Some of the notable ones include the Soka University in California, Holy Family University, Life University, Auburn Montgomery University and the Herzing University who were established around the 70s and 80s as private institutes or schools for special studies before gaining full recognition during the past few decades.

Courses Avalialbe

Many of the new universities offer courses in a wide variety of fields while some only specialize in a specifiied field. For example , the the Holy Family University and the American Sports University in California specialize in liberal arts and sports medicine respectively whereas universities such as Oakwood University and The University of Houston¨CDowntown offer a wide variety of courses ranging from fine arts to engineering.

Universities also offer several foreign exchange programmes as well where students can complete a part or even a full semester in a foreign country..

You can also find some sunconvential courses being offered in these institutes; Life University is one such example, it offers courses in chiropractics apart from the usual courses.

If you are not able to attend college for some reason, consider enrolling in a distance education course from an accredited university. William Howard Taft University is one such institute that is reputed for it's distance education courses, students also have a chance to interact with faculty members online.

Students can look forward to a number of extra curricular activities ranging from sports to music, many of the new universities have their own varsity teams that compete in the various college leagues. One can also look forward to taking up positions in various campus governance activities.


Funding and rankings

Newly established universities may suffer from lack of funds but the success of universities like Herzing and Soka University have proven that they can also deliver the goods for students. Soka university has an edowment of $500 million, something that many older universities do not have.

Also, many people might think that newly established colleges don't stand a chance against their reputed older counterparts; but there are universities like the University of California, Santa Cruz who have been ranked 78th in the country in terms of quality of education. Another institute worth mentioning is the Auburn University of Montgomery's business school which stands as being among the best in the country.

Overall, there are a good numver of new institutes that provide great value for money with the quality of education they offer.

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