How To Find a Free 3G
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How To Find a Free 3G

Published at 02/13/2012 17:07:09

High Speed Internet Wherever You Are

How To Find a Free 3G

Today's 3G networks allow you to access high volumes of data at very high speeds. 3G is very useful for both entertainment and business purposes, people can save the trouble of getting fixed line connections and unlike Wi-Fi connections are considered more secure. Users can view HD videos, play online games and talk to their friends on 3G enabled devices or through 3G data cards. But 3G connections are definitely expensive and out of the reach for many people at the moment and it will remain the same for many more months.

Getting free 3G is easy if you are purchasing a new phone or a 3G data card, most new high end devices come with free 3G access for a limited time. Operators and manufacturers offer these services to attract new customers to their services. Here is a look at what to watch out for when going for the free 3G services that you get when you purchase a device.

Step 1

1. Though there are many free 3G connections available on different devices, there are some hidden terms and conditions included. The data access that you get for free may not be for free at all. You could certainly end up signing a contract with an operator you don't like because of the freebies included.

Step 2

2. Many service providers allow free trials for long time customers. You could get free 3G for a certain amount of time from your service provider for free so you should definitely give them a call to see if they have any such trial plans you could access.

Step 3

3. Many free 3G service speeds are throttled, so don't get disappointed when you find out that your speeds are very slow as compared to your expectations.

Step 4

4. There are free 3g services that may sound very interesting but once you use it, you get the lowest speed...because many are using it as well.

Step 5

5. Some free 3g that are ad-hocs may give you viruses, so never try to use a free 4g service that has no security.

Free 3G on iPhones and iPads

How To Find a Free 3G

Though there are many advertisements on the Internet about free 3G data access with iPhones or iPads, almost of all of them are false as users have to sign long term contracts with the cell phone operators which means getting a monthly rental plan and paying the service provider regularly. The free 3G only means that you get to use a certain amount of data per month for which you won't be charged in your next phone bill.

There Are No Freebies

Since cellphone operators spend millions of dollars maintaining their networks, you can be sure that the articles that you see online about certain people dialing a certain code on the phone to access free 3G are almost all fake or invalid by the time you read them since operators would automatically fix them by the time you read them. Also, no person in their right mind would let go of such valuable information for free so do not go looking around for such things as you may end up destroying your gadget.

The only way that you can get free 3G access is to either go to a location with free 3G access such as the stores of telecom vendors.


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