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Top 5 Colleges And Universities in Kentucky


Kentucky is one of the states that is said to be a combination of southern heritage with modern city nightlife and race horses. There are more than 30 universities in the public sector and 45 more  privately run colleges. These colleges and universities in Kentucky are set either in the cultural outlets of Louisville, the Jefferson forest, or Lexington horse country.

The top colleges and universities in Kentucky offer education, research as well as great and thriving student life to all those who study in them. While some of the colleges and universities in Kentucky offer undergraduate programs others have both the undergraduate as well as graduate programs.

The University of Kentucky is one of the top colleges and universities in Kentucky located in the city of Lexington. It was founded in 1865 as land college. The facility has a name among the colleges and universities in Kentucky due to its popular trauma medical center in the state. It boasts of about 20,000 students pursuing various academic courses.

The University of Louisville is located in the city and was established in 1846. Today it offers more than 170 degree programs and is famous among the colleges and universities in Kentucky for taking care of student needs. Apart from conventional educational facilities the school has great counseling as well as sporting amenities that allow students to be well catered for in many aspects.

Eastern Kentucky University was established in 1906 to cater for academic needs of the Richmond area. Currently the school has about 10,000 undergraduate students with 168 degree programs. As one of the reputable colleges and universities in Kentucky it has online classes for students who cannot be available on-site to pursue their academic courses.

Northern Kentucky University educates students in nursing, law, human services, and sciences as well as in informatics and business courses. It began in 1968 and soon got listed among the best colleges and universities inKentucky in the public sector. The university also offers private students educational programs at an affordable tuition fees.

Bellarmine University is one of the colleges and universities in Kentucky known for its Catholic tradition. It as founded in 1950s and offers liberal arts as well as other professional studies at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Currently, it has a student population of about 3,000 pursuing various courses.

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