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How To Stay Current on Fashion Trends in Girls Clothing


When it comes girls clothing, fashion trends are dynamic. Although it is highly important for you to have a few wardrobe staples in your closet, you have to mix and match. Living in this day and age obliges us to keep up with the fashion trends in girls clothing. There are many ways to do that and this article is going to show you how.

Step 1

You can be updated with the latest fashion trends in girls clothing by subscribing to various fashion magazines. A fashion magazine such as Vogue, Nylon and InStyle can help you track the latest trends for each season. Most of the time magazines offer bundle subscriptions, so make sure you can avail of offers like these to save more money. Also, more and more fashion magazines are being offered on your mobile phones or iPads. This makes it easier for you to keep up with the latest in fashion.

Step 2

Another way of staying current with the fashion trends in girls clothing is by using the power of the Internet. Fashion houses and magazines have certain websites and social networking profiles that you can browse. This innovation will make it extremely impossible for you not to be fashion forward. There are a lot of Facebook pages that are geared towards making everyone fashionable. You can also use websites such as Polyvore and Looklet to look at the latest trends in clothing, shoes and accessories. You can also go to Pinterest and follow people that organize fashion-related pin boards.

Step 3

Fashion bloggers may just be the people you need. These people are fashion forward, hence they know the current fashion trend when it comes to girls clothing. You can find them on websites such as Beautylish, Lookbook and Chictopia. If you are a blogger as well, then you can follow a few people using Bloglovin. 

Step 4

More often than not, the media dictates the current fashion trends in girls clothing. Browse channels and movies that are currently showing and have an open eye for details. Watch runway shows for the next season and start investing on new items and limited collection pieces. Who knows, you might even be the next one to start a new fashion trend in girls clothing? 

Step 5

Observe the external environment and you will have a glimpse of the latest fashion trends in girls clothing. Look at random people on the street and keep track of some stylish and new pieces that they are using. If you have a fashionable co-worker, do not ask for some tips and fashion advice as it will be really helpful. If you have time, you can also go window shopping at your favorite boutiques and retail stores. 


Keeping up with the latest girls clothing fashion may seem like a hard task but all you need is time, patience and creativity. Here are some additional tips that may help you:

  • If financial constraints are holding you back, then try to look for other possible options. You can go to a thrift store and look for key pieces that are currently on trend. You can also search your closet for clothing items that can be altered. You will not only be stylish in your new set of clothes, you will also be streetwise.
  • Look for websites that sell discounted and vintage clothing. They're much cheaper.
  • If you like designer items and can afford them, then just make sure that you're buying from authorized sellers.
By Daria Kristina, published at 04/04/2012
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