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How To Match Your Clothing And Accessories


From how you carry your clothing and accessories to how you greet others with a warm smile, the way you project yourself speaks a lot about who you are. Although the physical does not sum up a person as a whole, it does make an impression. This is why it is important to look your very best all the time.

Looking your best simply means knowing what works for you, and what doesn’t. This can range from putting on the right shade of lipstick to complement your skin tone to dressing according to your body shape. Knowing what works for you also includes how you match your clothing and accessories. Both need to harmonize instead of overpower each another. With the right accessories, a simple outfit can transform from frumpy to fabulous.

Keep in mind these five tips in matching your clothing and accessories:

Step 1

Don’t Overdo It

Sounds easy, right? Actually, many seem trapped when it comes to accessorizing without having to look overdone. Accessories are meant to accentuate and add oomph, but sadly there are people who adorn themselves with too much accessories, much like ornaments on a Christmas tree. A “focal point” is a good idea in accessorizing. If you’re wearing a blouse that has loud prints, it is best to veer away from wearing an equally eye-catching necklace. Meanwhile, a simple, bold-colored V-neck top is perfect for intricate neckpieces. For printed trousers or skirts, keep your footwear simple and neutral as much as possible. Balance is the key when it comes to clothing and accessories.

Step 2

Determine the Look that You Want

Determining the look that you want doesn’t have to be a tremendous task. It is true that not everyone has that innate aesthetic sense. Still, this is no excuse to look like you just came out from a “Fashion Don’t” website, much like Glamour’s website featuring winter fashion do’s and don’ts as advised by designer Michael Kors. As you dress up for the day, identify the theme or “feel” that you wish to convey through your clothing and accessories. Do you want a bohemian look, or a corporate, no-nonsense appeal? The former is all about floral prints, vintage accessories, and cute sandals, while the latter can be achieved by wearing crisp button-down blouses, simple silver jewelry, and serious heels. Dressing appropriately is the secret.

Step 3

Only Wear Something That You Genuinely Like

Many people fall into the trap of forcing themselves into wearing a jewelry piece or an outfit that they don’t really like. Why wear these clothing and accessories then? Dressing up and looking good is all about instinct and what you feel looks best on you. After all, everything starts from the self. If you think that your gold hoop earrings don’t go well with your neon green sweater, then by all means, don’t wear it; plain and simple.

Step 4

Get Expert Advice

Following your instinct goes hand in hand with seeking some tips from the experts. Go online for fashion blogs, websites, and expert advice via videos on YouTube. For instance, Style Hog is a fashion blog that not only presents the latest trends but also provides options for you to choose from. Browse magazines for the latest trends on mixing and matching clothing and accessories.

Step 5

Learn from the Stars

Last but not the least, to properly match clothing and accessories, learn from the stars. Celebrities are walking examples of how to properly wear accessories with your clothes. The perfect example is Angelina Jolie, who wore an elegant black gown/dress during the OSCARS this year. Her focal point was her glamorous dress, and she went very minimal with jewelry by wearing a pair of diamond stud earrings and a ring.


These five tips can go a long way in helping you tastefully put together your clothes and accessories. Just keep in mind to balance everything and have loads of fun, which is the most important thing. This isn’t rocket science, so go ahead and play around with your clothing and accessories and take into consideration the five tips mentioned above.

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