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The Hottest Clothing Trends For Jackets


Clothing styles and trends are continuously evolving, and jackets no different. If you are going to make sure your clothing is up to date with the fashion world, then you cannot ignore the type of jackets you wear anymore. Looking at the latest trends, sometimes it is not so much about jacket styles, but rather other factors that make it trendy, such as the length, the color, and the fabric of the jackets. Here is a look at how you can make sure your jackets go with the latest clothing trends easily.

Step 1

Length trends

The biggest trend in jackets this year is their length. Jackets are either really long or really short this year. Just like clothing lengths go up and down, so does the length of jackets each season.

Cropped and short jackets are one of the hottest looks this year, especially paired with tops that are longer. They also go great with wrap around dresses and maxi dresses, creating a new dimension to the dress and outfit you are wearing. But longer styles are just as hot, especially the trench coat. Trench jackets are the perfect piece of clothing to wear with pants, jeans, dresses and even alone as a last minute outfit.

Step 2

Fabric trends

Another hot trend this year is a mixing of fabrics and textures in clothing and jackets. A mix of leather and tweed or suede and denim or satin is a hot new trend. Even fabrics that shimmer and shine paired with a textured fabric is big in jackets and clothing right now.

Step 3

Color trends

Fashion is all about color right now, and clothing and jackets with color are “in”. Color blocking clothing and jackets as well as accessories like purse and shoes are one of the hottest fashion trends at the moment. Jackets with prints and color blocking add personality and dimension to an outfit. These types of jackets go perfectly with clothing of all one color, like black, beige or navy blue to create a chic and trendy look to your outfit.

Step 4

Style trends

Jackets come in a variety of styles this season, but a few clothing styles really stand out right now. The military cropped jackets are hot with any outfits, but belted trench coats and blazers are at the top of the list also. Accents and embellishments on jackets and clothing can turn a simple look into something that really stands out in the crowd.

Step 5

Vintage trends

The vintage look in clothing and jackets is also making its way to the front of the list. The fabrics, the color blocking, and the vintage styles are showing up on the catwalk as well as at favorite stores. Combining a vintage look with new lengths and colors is how designers are creating something new from what was once considered old and out of style.


Blazers, cropped, military, denim, and leather are the hottest new looks. So do not be afraid to make them a little girly by choosing ones with ruffles, cropped designs, or girly colors.

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By Lucy Beam, published at 03/05/2012
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The Hottest Clothing Trends For Jackets. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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