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How To Buy Women's Vintage Shoes


Vintage is the new modern today. Everywhere you look, vintage styles are coming back in clothing and shoes. They look great not only in retro and vintage clothing styles but also with new, modern trends. Buying vintage shoes is the newest trend in shopping, and whether you are going for the real deal or replica, there are some things to keep in mind before paying out your hard-earned money.

Step 1

Real or Replica

The first thing to decide is whether you are going to go for authentic vintage shoes or purchase replica ones. The advantages lay with both choices. With authentic vintage shoes, you get the unique styles and designs that many designers cannot replicate today. With replica vintage shoes, you get the easy accessibility and the cheaper prices.

Step 2


Whether you are buying real or replica vintage shoes, quality is always the first thing to look at. Not all vintage shoes were made with the best quality, just as replica doesn’t always come in the top material. Decide on the material you want, are you looking for leather, or will synthetic match your needs. Check the quality by getting a feel for the shoe in your hands and looking at any marks of wear with used ones.

Step 3


As with any shoes you buy, whether vintage or new, sizing matters. Because authentic vintage shoes may have different sizing than today’s standards, if possible do not buy without trying them on first. Check the fit of the shoe by making sure they are comfortable and that there is no pinching at the toes or the heel.

Step 4

Secondhand Shopping

The easiest way to find authentic vintage shoes is through a secondhand store or charity shop. These places always have people donating or trying to get rid of old things, and many times those vintage items are like brand new. A good secondhand shop will ensure the vintage clothing and shoes are clean and in good condition, and you can usually buy at good prices.

Step 5

Online auctions and sales

If you cannot find the type of vintage shoes you want at a secondhand store, going online is another option. At online auctions, you can find a large variety of different styles and types of vintage shoes, in various conditions. As always, when buying online, read the description of the item carefully and ask for additional pictures if that is an option. Sometimes you can buy vintage shoes online for a few dollars that are in perfect condition and just what you want.


Set a price range on how much you are willing to pay for vintage shoes before you start looking. This will help you keep within budget and know the type of vintage shoes you can realistically afford.

Authenticity is a big issue with anything vintage. If you are looking at designer vintage shoes, ask for proof they are real before spending a lot of money on them.

Comfort is important, no matter how good the vintage shoes look, if they are not comfortable they end up being a waste of money as they will never be worn.

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By Lucy Beam, published at 03/05/2012
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