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How To Shop For Organic Infant Clothing


Some parents understand the benefits of purchasing all natural organic infant clothing for their child. By purchasing organic infant clothing you are assuring that your child will not be allergic to any of the chemicals and dyes that are used in clothing that is manufactured.

Typically, organic infant clothing is made of 100% organic cotton, or 100% bamboo, this all depends on where the clothing was manufactured. This organic clothing is ecofriendly and will not harm the environment or your baby’s sensitive skin. These clothes are made without chemicals or pesticides in the bamboo or cotton materials.


Step 1

One of the first places to look for organic infant clothing is on the Internet. The Internet offers items that are hard to find in retail stores. That is because the Internet is large and has more of a selection of manufactures than stores, who normally only order from a few choice manufacturers.

It is important to be sure that the clothing is 100% organic, and includes a certification on where the clothing was manufactured.

Step 2

Another great place to shop for when you are looking for a diversity of organic infant clothing is auction sites. Auction sites have a large selection of items, both new and used. A lot of times it may be companies selling their items direct to the consumer at a cheaper price than the store would charge you, or it just may be an individual who bought the clothing for their child, and they may be looking for some of their money back.

Be sure if buying a used item that claims to be organic infant clothing to do research. Find out the brand of the item and if it is not listed, then ask the seller. Once you have that information search online and see if it is truly 100% organic infant clothing made of either bamboo or cotton materials.

Step 3

Organic clothing stores are another online resource and an excellent place to shop for infant organic clothing. These websites often have great sales going on and offer deals such as free shipping over a certain dollar amount. The excellent thing about these websites is they do not JUST sell newborn but also have toddler age clothing that is guaranteed to be 100% organic.

Step 4

Overstock websites are another type of Internet resource for organic clothing, without the bidding. On overstock websites, manufacturers list items they cannot sell elsewhere. A lot of times you are able to find a good deal on infant cotton organic clothing, and may even be able to get deals on other organic infant items as well, like crib sheets and covers.

Step 5

There are many different places to shop for infant clothing, however organic infant clothing can be hard to find as a lot of stores do not offer this type clothing. This is due to where the store orders the clothing from, as well as the manufacturer may opt to not sell organic infant clothing.


Typically organic infant clothing is more expensive than regular clothing, because dye is cheaper to use in clothing than using an all natural item!

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