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How To Determine If Something Is Fashionable


Style is something which cannot be compared to fashion. Being fashionable is different from being stylish. Fashion is to know what the latest clothing trends are and then copying it by just going to a store and selecting the latest things on the counter and wearing it. Style is entirely different from this. it is an in built quality which reflects in the very personality. Clothes cannot just make a person fashionable.


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On the other hand if a person wears something which is outdated, it will surely make them look out of the place. Fashion keeps on changing but style remains in vogue. A mix and game of clothes and accessories makes a person look fashionable and yet keeps the spirit of style alive.

Now the process of selecting what is fashionable is quite difficult. First and foremost it is important to know a whole lot about the shops available at a particular place. The shops may have branded merchandise or they may be shops that have duplicates of the original stuff.


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Secondly while selecting fashionable outfits it becomes essential to be aware of the budget you have to dress up. In case of a high budget it is recommended to go for expensive outfits which are really worth the money. It is often seen that the outfits which are very costly rarely be in fashion more than 4 to five months.


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it becomes all the more necessary to buy what will be useful and fit in your budget. It is also known that cheap and duplicate stuff floats around on the markets but it is of no use after one wash or so. the decision lies on us as to what range to go for. It is always adVisable to go for shops that sell branded stuff but which are not exorbitant. a middle way should always be preferred.


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Next is to select what will be suitable for the person. Fashion is a broad criteria and selecting what will suit the personal needs is the biggest challenge. Aping the models is not sufficient to be fashionable. It is required to choose what would suit the body, style and also the occasion where the dress has to be worn.

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Above all this the basic amenities which are required along with the dress should be selected carefully. These are the things which can enhance the outlook or they can put a dent on the fashionable dress. fashion can be stated as a correct blend of trends along with a dash of proper accessories which would enhance the look of the person. Fashion is unique for different people and should not be copied.

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