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Skirts clothing has and will always be a high trend for women and young girls alike. Skirts are soft and feminine and are everything a female embodies. This course does not mean that skirts cannot be edgy and modern, since there are so many varieties of skirts to choose from. From long maxi hippie styled skirts to leather mini skirts, there are over many trends and styles of this popular womenswear to choose from. These are the most popular skirts clothing that the fashion world has to offer in today’s trends.

Long Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are the perfect summer skirt since they can be worn comfortable with a loose tank top. This gives the wearer a lot of comfort on a warm hot sunny day, especially if the skirt is made out of chiffon or gauze material. Maxi skirts are a trend that first appeared in the late 1960s and went full blast in the early 1970s. They were originally worn with long peasant blouses and crochet cardigans. This style is still prevalent today, worn by women of all ages celebrating the bohemian trend. These skirts clothing pieces don’t always have to be part of a big trend, they can also be worn in a basic style. Long black maxi skirts paired with a silky blouse is very professional and perfect for the office or formal wear.

Chiffon Mini Skirts

This trend has been up and coming since the late 1990s, with today’s short flouncy skirts having lots of patterns of floral and other botanicals on them. These kinds of skirts embody the look of youth so many younger women wear them with ruffled Victorian styled blouse or short crop vests and tank tops. Mini skirts can go right to the middle of the thigh and look very comfortable with a pair of flat boots. They also match well with low kitten heels, which will create the look of old and modern styled together for a fun and offbeat fashion look. These skirts clothing do not always have to be of chiffon material, some can be lacy or even have a pleather look for a modern twist. This all depends on the woman’s own personal style and what she is comfortable with wearing. A chiffon ruffled skirt is the most popular skirt trend of today and can be found in retail stores all over the country and worldwide.

Pencil Mid Length Skirts

These skirts clothing have been popularized since the mid 1960s because of their form fitting unique style which shows off a woman’s hips. They are derived from the original popular wiggle dress, another product of the 1960s. They look amazing with a tight crop jacket, lacy blouse, and patent leather pumps. The best color choices of the pencil skirt are a classic midnight blue or a deep black. This will give the hips the appearance of a smaller build while making the skirt look snug and flirtatious. Another good choice is a deep cherry red paired with black accessories for a modern spin on the classic 1960s mod look.

By Lillia Florian, published at 04/02/2012
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