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The Best Hair Products For Men

Published at 02/23/2012 20:35:22


There was a time when the use of products on men hair was looked down upon. It was seen as something only restricted for use by females. So if a man was spotted going to a hair salon or buying a hair product in a shop, he was made fun off. This social taboo prevented men from indulging themselves in these products. However, today the times have changed, and men cannot do without hair products. Instead of just focusing on the hair cut, there is much more that can be done with men hair. If you want to make your hair look appealing and stylish, you will need to make use of hair products. Today choosing a hair product is a challenging task since there are so many brands to choose from.



Since the very beginning one of the most basic products used for men hair was the brush and the comb. The first hair brush was invented by Lydia O Newman in 1865. Ever since then hair products have expanded to include an entire new set of brand new items. Hair loss has been a baffling problem for men. One of the pioneers behind hair-loss products was Madam C. J. She ventured out into this area after she started experiencing hair loss herself. One of the many hair care products she invented was The Wonderful Hair Grower, which is a hair conditioner.


Despite the numerous products available for men hair care that is available, you can easily choose one that’s best for you with a little guidance. One of the most basic necessities when it comes to men hair is maintaining a clean scalp by washing your hair regularly. For this, the perfect shampoo is required that suits your hair type. When purchasing a Shampoo for men hair it is best to choose one that contains Jojoba Oil. This oil helps in deep cleansing the scalp and producing a wax that is very similar to sebum. Sebum is produced naturally by the hair and helps them remain healthy. Once a man’s hair has been washed, they washed; they would require some finishing off styles. If you want to add volume to your hair, you can use a mousse. If you use a mouse wet hair, makes them look shiny and using it on dry hair will give them a more natural look. If men hair is to be molded and shaped into a desired style for a longer time period, then a Hair Gel is the best option. With aging men hair starts turning grey. If this happens, then you need to by high-quality hair color products.

Tips and comments

Out of all the hair products mentioned the most widely used and purchased by men are the hair loss products. Hair Loss can start to occur at any age. The best hair loss products available in the market are by Provillus. This is clinically tested and has a non-prescription formula. When selecting hair gel you should choose one that contains botanical ingredients such as lemon grass. This helps keep the scalp and hair follicles healthy.


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