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How To Remove Unwanted Hair From the Face


No matter if it is only a thin and almost invisible pilosity on the upper lip, hair is something that no one wishes to grow on the face, but inevitably happens. There are a lot of ways to remove the face hair, some are more efficient and others are less efficient, some have a permanent result and others are temporary, depending on your budget and on the size of the area you want to make it smooth.

Step 1

Tweezers and wax strips are the most readily available methods to remove the face hair, without side effects and also “wallet friendly”. Both of them are quite painful until you get used and recommended for small areas like a moustache or a few hairs on the chin. These are temporary methods which will cost you between $6 and $20 and are very convenient because you can use them without the aid of a specialist.

Step 2

If you want to get rid of the face hair once and for all, consider the electrolysis or the laser hair removal. The most popular method among the beauty salons is the laser hair removal. This works by applying on a certain area pulses of light which damage the melanin found in the hair follicles. It is not painful, but you will feel some pinches when performed.

Step 3

Hair removal through laser becomes permanent only if it is repeated across several sessions. In case you don’t schedule for a new session, you will obtain only a thinning of the hairiness in the area treated. Since it acts against the melatonin in the skin, not all the people are eligible for this way of removing the face hair. The best results are obtained in case of those with light complexion and dark  face hair.

Step 4

The other ones with dark skin are not excluded, but the risk to affect their skin pigments permanently is higher. If we are to speak about the costs, the price range per session depends on the size of the area you want to get rod of hair. For a full face hair removal you will be charged around $300 to $600.

Electrolysis is a more efficient way to remove permanently the face hair, but it is also more expensive. This procedure consists of treating each hair with a current of reduced intensity. By doing so, the cells in the root responsible with hair regeneration will be destroyed forever within only a few session.

Step 5

In case the pilosity you want to remove covers a large area, the practitioner will schedule you for a second or third electrolysis therapy because this procedure is performed on every single hair. The cost for an area like the upper lip ranges between $400 and $900, but it is worthy because once the current destroys the root, another hair will never appear. Moreover, unlike laser hair removal, this procedure can be effectuated on every type of skin, no matter if it is.


In conclusion, the methods to get rid of the face hair are for every pocket and range from the temporary ones to the permanent ones.

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