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Tips For Permanent Hair Removal

Published at 03/23/2012 23:33:18


If you are tired of waxing, sugaring, or shaving your legs or other hairy areas, you should consider one of the permanent hair removal methods. 

Step 1

There are four main permanent hair removal methods: electrolysis, thermolysis, bland method and laser hair removal. The first one destroys the regenerating cells in the hair follicles with the aid of a small intensity electrical current applied on every single undesired hair. Thermolysis is similar to electrolysis, but it applies a heat wave on each single hair. The bland method is a combination between the first two and uses both the heat and the electrical current. The laser hair removal works through a pulsating light applied on an established area and destroys the melanin in the root of the hairs.

Step 2

Given this information, a good tip when opting for a one of these permanent hair removal methods is to take in consideration the area you want to get rid of the hairiness. For large areas like legs or even back in case of men, it is recommended to use the laser therapy, while for reduced areas, like upper lip, chin and eyebrow, you can go for electrolysis, thermolysis or bland method.

Check your pockets before deciding upon one because electrolysis is more expensive than the laser hair removal. While the laser hair removal for an area like the entire face costs between $300 and $650 per session that have to be repeated, the electrolysis can cost you up to $900 for the upper lip only, for a session of 15 minutes that has to be repeated also.

Step 3

If you have a dark skin tone, you no longer have to choose because laser hair removal is too risky for your skin pigments. Maybe not everyone knows that laser therapy doesn't actually remove permanently the unwanted hair. It only reduces the hairiness and thickness of hairs. Permanent hair removal is achieved only after several sessions. The only method which can get you rid of the hair once and for all is electrolysis, so a useful tip is to think of the result you want to obtain before choosing between these methods.

Another tip to mention is to not forget about the side effects and risks of permanent hair removal. Can you deal with the redness, swelling, ingrown hairs, infection, permanent scarring, or skin discoloration? Some of these will surely appear to some degree or another. A good tip to remember is that you can and you should diminish these risks by choosing beauty salons with a good reputation, good practitioners of these methods and special places to perform their job.


If you are considering one of the permanent hair removal methods like electrolysis, thermolysis, or laser hair removal and you are not sure what to choose think about the budget you are willing to spend, think of the area where you want to get rid of the hair, make a list with the best practitioners of these methods in the town and don't forget about the risks and side effects.

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