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How To Safely Get Rid Of Armpit Hair

Published at 03/28/2012 16:04:48


Women’s worst nightmare is an unwanted hair. They will try everything and any method just to get rid of them. Most of these unwanted hairs are located in the armpit, legs, and in the bikini lines. But the most dreadful of all is the armpit hair. Armpit hair is not only an eye sore but also cause bad odor. For this reason, we will give you some tips on how to safely get rid of your armpit hair.

Step 1

These are different ways and techniques on how to remove armpit hair. Shaving, waxing and laser treatment are just some of ways to remove your armpit hair. We will be discussing each method and how to use them in the safest possible way. Shaving is the cheapest way to remove armpit hair. It only requires you to buy a razor and you can now remove the unwanted armpit hair. To ensure safety, be sure to shave your armpit carefully so avoid blisters and wounds. Though this method is the cheapest, it only gives temporary solution to your armpit hair problem.

Step 2

Another method is waxing; this is considered as the most popular method of removing unwanted hair. All you have to do is apply the wax in your armpit and peel it off using a spatula.

Step 3

You can also use wax strips and apply in certain portion with unwanted hair. After a few minutes, you can remove the strip and see that the unwanted hair is now removed. This method lasts longer than shaving armpit hair. Lastly, a laser treatment is one way to safely remove the armpit hair.

Step 4

Laser treatment might be more expensive compared to the other two methods mentioned but it gives the best, and longest result. Laser treatment should be done only in beauty clinics and performed by laser treatment experts. Before undergoing laser treatment, be sure to follow all the instructions carefully. Laser treatment removes armpit hair and at the same time keeps your skin smooth and clean. With regular treatment, there is lesser chance for your armpit hair to grow again. Following any of these three methods, can make you armpit hair free.

Step 5

These three methods are the most common ways to remove armpit hair. It now depends on your budget and time on what method you would like to follow. If you are not yet ready to have a laser treatment, then you can just use a razor for shaving or buy wax strips to armpit free from unwanted hair. But among the three methods, the laser treatment will give you a more permanent result. But to be safe, be sure to consult doctors and check the clinic information before submitting to any treatment.


Once you are convinced that they can give you what you wanted for your unwanted hair then you can proceed with the treatment. After doing the treatment be sure to follow the instructions on how to take care of your armpit and attend your follow up check up and treatment. This is one way for the clinics to ensure your safety and good result of their treatment.

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