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Natural cosmetics are not only important for skin care but are a much safer option to use rather than using the toxins and chemical filled makeup you apply on all skin types. It is really a challenge for companies to come up with products and make ups that is good for the consumer and for the environment (taking into consideration that fewer toxins are used and no animals were harmed in the testing process) and that will actually perform. We absorb nearly 80 percent of all the ingredients of the cosmetics we put on all skin. If our makeup or cosmetics are filled with toxins and chemicals, then do we really want all that growing in our system? Hence, forth Shirley Pinkson of the Well People Cosmetics explained how she chose to establish a company dedicated to making cosmetics from all natural products for her customers. She recognized the need for natural makeup and teamed up with her organic chemist to form the company and serve her client base.


Using natural makeup products will not only keep your skin happy and healthy but it will give your skin a unique glow. Now finding an all natural skin care product in the market can be very challenging as most companies claim to be organic or natural but are simply using natural ingredients with chemicals and toxins to make their products “more natural” rather than “all natural”. Hence, we need to train ourselves to recognize what ingredients are best for the skin and that those ingredients are natural and not just chemical toxins. Then we need to be able to point out the brands that claim to be all natural for all skin types, but are really not.


One company you can be sure about is the Well People Cosmetics Company. The company offers all natural skin care cosmetics and make up that is all free of Petroleum, Artificial Preservatives, Synthetic Dyes and other harmful chemicals and have products rich in Pomegranate Green Tea, Rei Shi Mushroom, Japanese Knotweed, Rose hip, Passion Flower and Grape seeds. Their products such as the narcissistic natural foundation or Altruist satin foundation are designed to enhance your appearance and are applicable on all skin types.

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Another great company offering all natural products for all skin types is the Holistic Beauty. The company stresses on keeping all their products “REAL PURE” and use only natural ingredients and no chemical or petroleum toxins. They design products for men, children and women and believe that nature can provide for the best skin care possible. Their product categories are designed based on the base ingredient of the product. For example, “alabu skincare” products are made from natural almonds. They claim that using their goat milk soaps and almond skincare lotions and moisturizers make your skin softer and healthier. Their products are suitable for all skin types and use other natural ingredients like pomegranate, peach and lavender. The company also uses recycled bottles to make its containers and packaging, and certifies no animal testing since its establishment.

By Amara, published at 03/06/2012
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