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How To Handle a Serious Skin Problem


Serious skin problems can affect almost everyone and therefore it is so important that you take special care of your skin. Facial skin is at higher risk of being affected for it so much exposed to the sun and sometimes people tend to use some products on it which may end up damaging it. The skin problems especially those affecting the face are of many types and for that matter you are required to use the proper remedy or treatments to maintain the good health of your skin. One serious skin problem that affects the facial area is known as acne.

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Acne is serious skin problem that occurs as a result of the follicles of hair that are found on the face getting clogged by the dead cells on the skin. What happens is that the oil that is in the follicles accumulates and causes the skin to start swelling. It is a very serious skin problem and therefore if you suspect that you may be suffering from it and the condition has become so bad you may need to see a dermatologist to help you cure it.

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You may also be able to cure acne by using natural remedies which will work perfectly as medications. What you will be required to do is apply honey to the facial area that is affected once or twice a week. The honey will disinfect and heal the minor blemishes that are caused by bacterial infection for it has antibacterial properties.

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You will also need to get the acne soap and use it to wash your face twice each day - that is when you wake up in the morning and in the evening before you go to bed. The acne soap has sulfur that helps in curing the serious skin problem. One caution when washing your face is that you will need to do it with gentleness and with a soft cloth. Scrubbing the skin with a rough cloth may result to even more serious skin problem for it will cause the stimulation of the sebaceous glands which will then produce a lot of sebum that will cause the acne to increase.

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The serious skin problem caused by acne may be an indication that you are lacking some important nutrients in your body. The nutrients may be vital to the skin and therefore in the event that is does not get them it will fight back, and one way to do that is by producing a lot of sebum, clogging the skin pores and also making the skin lack the capacity to heal and fight bacteria. You will need to take potent multi-vitamin as a remedy in such a case.

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Chromium will also be important to ensure excellent healing of the skin, beta-carotene for strengthening the protective tissue and you will need to include zinc rich foods in your diet too for they have antibacterial characteristics that will help in preventing acne. Other useful measures include washing your pillow case frequently for the pillow absorbs oil from the skin and then reapplies them together with dirt thus causing breakouts. You will also need to avoid using excessive makeup on your skin for it clogs pores which in turn may result to pimples and blackheads.


It is important that you observe the measures that will help you overcome serious skin problems for sometimes the damage caused to the skin may be adverse and irreversible. It just takes some easy measures as the ones mentioned above to avoid that from happening.

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By Sia Attavar, published at 03/20/2012
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