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Shorts are casual garments worn by both men and women during the summer season. Shorts have become an essential addition to each people wardrobe regardless of the sex and age. 

The clothing trends for shorts have changed from baggy ones with many pockets to tight fitting ones and under the knee-length shorts. There are other shorts styles such as the Bermuda, cargo, culottes, denim cutoffs, hot pants, running shorts, short trousers and many other styles.

One of the most popular clothing trends for shorts is the denim shorts. This was so hot during the 1970s that people often cut their best jeans just to be in fashion. it has been said that the fringes that remained after cutting the denim fabric were perhaps the coolest thing about them. A pair of denim shorts is considered a summer must-have because they are timeless, comfortable and durable. As you have probably noticed that celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Madonna and others wear them frequently because they never go out of fashion. They also go very well for a night out with your friends. Just remember to jazz them up by putting accesories, a nice top and sky high shoes and youre good to go.

Wearing denim shorts at the beach is also ideal as it can be used as a nice cover up to your bikini. Needless to say, denim shorts are an ultimate must-have during the suumer.

Shorts suit is a great apparel which designers like DKNY, Rebecca Minkoff, Proenza Schouler, Victorias Secret. They are available in lightweight fabrics like cotton, polyester, seersucker, silk or wool. You can wear them during a fancy night out with your friends or on a date with your boyfriend.

This clothing trend for shorts is a daring option for a business outfit because it combines the seriousness of the long sleeved button jacket with the sexiness of the shorts which end at the knee and reveal an important part of the legs. Garments like these can be bought from reputable online sellers like

Just remember to check with your company's dress code to prevent getting into trouble about wearing shorts at the workplace.

Tips and comments

Even though clothing trends for shorts have changed over time, the shorts trend still stands out and remains one of the most needed piece of clothing of all time. And so if you want something more daring and sexy aside from jeans or a dress, wearing shorts is definitely a good idea.


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