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How To Size Shoes For Boys

Published at 03/21/2012 23:40:57


It may seem that your son's feet are constantly growing. The shoes that fit perfectly at the beginning of summer are suddenly way too small three months later. Eventually they will stop growing so quickly, but in the mean time you may find yourself consistently at a loss when someone asks what your son's shoe size is. Boys size shoes may seem complicated to measure, but they really are not as bad as it seems. One way to find the right size is to just have your son keep trying on shoes until he finds the ones that fit. There is an easier way, however, to find the right size shoes without wasting a bunch of your precious time. Make sure you find shoes that are the right boys shoe size now that also leave room for him to grow a bit.

Step 1

Head to the shoe store and locate a slide tool that measures feet. You may find one for adults, but you want the tool that measures children's feet. If you are not sure how to use the slide tool to find boys size shoes, ask one of the employees if he can show you how to use it to get a proper measurement. This number gives you a starting point from which you can branch out depending on what style of shoe you are seeking.

Step 2

Choose several styles of shoes in your son's size range. Boys size shoes are available in everything from sandals to dress shoes, so you should find just about any type of shoe you could need or want. Ask him to put the shoes on himself so you can see whether he has difficulty working that particular style of shoe. If the shoe is uncomfortable or difficult to put on, he probably won't wear it very often before he outgrows it completely.

Step 3

Ask him to walk in the shoes once he has them on. If the shoe slips or slides while your son walks then those shoes are probably not the proper fit even if the boys size shoe is the correct size. If there is other rubbing or irritation, this is another indicator that the shoe is an improper fit.

Step 4

Ask your son to stand straight in one spot and press your thumb to the shoes to find his big toe. If the shoe is the right boys size shoe, you'll be able to find his toe near the end of the shoe with plenty of room to move. This shows you how much room he has to grow and shoes you that the shoe is the proper size. If there is too much room, then then shoe is too big.

Step 5

Ask your son how the shoe feels as a finaly way to make sure you have the right boys size shoe.


If your son can put on the right boys size shoe on his own, that's probably a good shoe choice for him.

Another way you can check the boys size shoe for your son is to hold the shoe down to the floor and ask him to move his foot as though he were about to take a step. If his foot slides out of the shoe, it's too large.


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