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Where To Find Girls Shoes For a Toddler

Published at 03/08/2012 19:53:00


When shopping for girls toddler shoes you will want to find the best deal possible. This is because all toddler outgrow their shoes faster than most parents can keep up with. There are many great places where you can get a great deal when shopping for girls toddler shoes.


History of shoes

When searching for toddler girls shoes, you should first know some general information on shoes and their long history. Shoes have been around for years. It is a fact that there are artifacts of old time shoes. Did you know that old time cave drawings from over 15,500 years ago show humans who have used various types of animal skin, fur and leather to protect their feet. These were worn to keep the feet warm in the winter snow and ice and to keep the feet cool in the summer. After all, feet and hot rocks do not mix very well.

Top places for toddler shoes

Among the first places that you will want to check are any local consignment stores. Sometimes you are able to score an excellent deal on name brand shoes this way. Look in your local newspaper for any local consignment sales that may be in your area. These are sales where parents bring clothes, shoes, toys and accessories and sell them for a set price.

The Goodwill is an excellent place that you can find deals on toddler girls shoes. The Goodwill is a store where people drop off items to be sold and they then take the donated items as a tax write off (if desired). Some people are happy to get rid of old items laying around and this means an excellent deal for you.

Try out eBay for excellent deals on toddler girls shoes. eBay is an excellent place to find someone else's stuff on sale for cheap. Some of the items may be listed as new in the box, new without box, or in used condition. eBay is basically like a yard sale that is online.

Amazon offers some excellent deals on both new and used items from many vendors across the world. This would be an excellent place to shop for toddler girls shoes as many people may just be wanting rid of their "old items."

Craigslist sometimes has lots of toddler clothing for sale in large lots for minimal price. Typically it is someone looking to make a set asking price off many clothes.

Freecycle Network is a free site that you can join to post or get items that are free. People sometimes post and give away items just to rid their home of unnecessary junk that is no longer wanted. This is an excellent place to look for toddler girls shoes and also get rid of your old junk at no cost whatsoever to you.

Tips and comments

When looking at a local store, always be sure to try the shoe on your child. Also check the bottom of the show as this will indicate the amount of wear and tear that the shoe has endured. When dealing with consignment there is always negotiation power. If a seller knows you're interested, make them what you feel is a fair offer.

Remember, always check seller's feedback when dealing with online sites such as eBay and Amazon. This says alot about their character and will assure that you may be less likely to get ripped off.


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